Standing Desks Make You Better





AnthroDesk Electric Dual Motor Standing Desk

When I was in public school I had a problem.  A BIG problem.

I was VERY competitive.

I always wanted to BE BETTER.

I always sought out the top marks. I always sought to STAND OUT.

One day, I received a math test back and got a couple questions wrong.

In my eyes, it was a failure, and I cried for 2 hours (in fairness, I think I was only 8).

Growing up, I accepted "my place", who I was, and no longer stressed out so much about test scores.

I was still competitive, but it was somewhat tempered by maturity and societal norms (adults don't normally cry when they lose, professional athletes excluded).

We all have that competitive spark to some degree still. It drives us forward. It makes us better.

But in today's world, it's hard to keep competitive, it's hard to find that edge.

What's the easiest competitive edge?

One that already fits into your schedule, one that fits easily into your behaviours.

That's why working out is hard. You have to schedule separate times to go to the gym. Your life gets in the way. And, if you're sitting down most of the day, it may not even benefit you that much (as the American Cancer society study shows here)

What can you do?

If you spend your day sitting down at a desk, or in a cubicle farm, you can get a sit-stand desk, like this one. Spend just a couple hours of your day standing, and you will burn more calories, lower your chance of heart disease and diabetes, increase your energy, and improve your productivity.  

Nothing to schedule. No interruption from your regular day. Just improving yourself and making you better.  

Sounds like an easy competitive advantage to me. 

You partner in bettering yourself,