Choosing the Best Office Ergonomic Chair for People with Osteoporosis

We all aspire to be productive and efficient at work. We want to accomplish everything based on the goals we set. However, there are instances that these goals are not achieved due to some factors that may hinder us from performing tasks. It can be because of the lack of planning, wrong time management, and even poor health conditions. One of the common health conditions that affect a worker's job performance is having osteoporosis. It can be painful and cause discomfort while performing tasks. One effective way to alleviate this is to use the right chair for back support. That is why it is important to learn tips in choosing the best office ergonomic chair for people with osteoporosis.


What is Osteoporosis?

According to, osteoporosis derived its name from the Latin term, which means 'porous bones". It is a health condition that affects the bones and affects millions of people in the world. also stated,

"Osteoporosis can occur in people of any age, but it's more common in older adults, especially women. More than 53 million people in the United States either have osteoporosis or are at high risk of developing it. People with osteoporosis are at a high risk of fractures, or bone breaks, while doing routine activities such as standing or walking. The most commonly affected bones are the ribs, hips, and the bones in the wrists and spine."

Medical News Today, another leading health website describes osteoporosis as a condition that develops when the bone density decreases.   


How to Choose the Best Office Ergonomic Chair for People with Osteoporosis

People with osteoporosis may need some additional support when it comes to working in an office or at home. When they do not use tools and equipment such as an ergonomic chair, it will be hard for them to work comfortably.


Benefits of Using Ergonomic Chairs

If you're still having back pain while at work, you should check the type of desk you are using. A poorly designed office chair can make you sit in an awkward position and push you to slouch. It would be crucial to note that poor posture impacts employees' productivity, health, and wellness. With the help of an ergonomic chair, a worker can benefit from the advantages this type of ergonomic equipment can provide.

Listed below are the benefits of using an ergonomic office chair:


#1 Ergonomic office chairs give more comfort while working


Ergonomic office chairs are often made from top-notch materials, unlike other low-budget office chairs. They provide seat cushions and comfortable lumbar support to give better experience and comfort to the user. Ergonomic office chairs also have armrests that aid in supporting the user's elbow, helping them to prevent fatigue while doing their tasks.


#2 Ergonomic office chairs promote proper posture


When you apply proper posture while sitting or standing in the workplace, you will reduce the risk of having back pain. Choose a chair with the seat height that will allow you to sit correctly and keep your feet flat on the floor. Ergonomic chairs are designed to be adjustable so that its user can promote proper posture at work.


#3 Ergonomic chair aids to prevent slouching


Often, when we're working with our computers, we tend to extend our neck forward. We also slouch, leading to back pain and a feeling of fatigue. When we use ergonomic office chairs, all these can be alleviated or prevented.


#4 Promotes proper alignment of hip and pelvis


When we sit correctly, the pelvis and bones are aligned in their correct position. This brings more comfort while sitting at work. You will not feel pain on your lower back since an ergonomic chair supports the proper alignment of your pelvis and hips.


What Are the Common Features of an Ergonomic Chair?


Ergonomic chairs provide various features that can aid in improving posture to work productively and effectively. These are also features that can support workers with osteoporosis and help them work on their jobs effectively.

Check out the common features that we should look for an ergonomic office chair:

#1 Adjustable seat height

An ergonomic office chair should have an optimal seat height, which is also adjustable. This feature is essential to fit users' varying heights. Commonly, a seat height of 16" to 21" off the floor is the most ideal one.


#2 Seat depth and width

Ergonomic experts recommended that the correct seat depth be between 2" and 4" from the back of your knees and your seat's edge. This is to hamper too much pressure at the back of the knees, which often is the cause of fatigue in the legs.


#3 Backrest lumbar support

Backrest lumbar support provides aid to your lower back- a crucial factor to consider when choosing an ergonomic chair. The chair with this feature will help maintain the S-shape of the spine, which aids in preventing stress and pressure on your spine and pelvis.


#4 Backrest recline

An ergonomic chair with a backrest recline also keeps the natural position of the spine. This supports the body's weight to prevent a lot of pressure on your spinal discs and muscles.


#5 Armrests

An ergonomic chair should have armrests to lessen the tension in the upper part of the body so that your shoulders can relax. It's vital to avoid using the armrest when typing on the keyboard. This is because it reduces the arm movements, which may lead to strain of the wrists and forearms.


#6 Swivel

To efficiently maneuver your office chair or other areas in the

workplace, a swivel should be an additional feature. This will allow you to move around with ease and comfort.


#7 Seat tilt

An ergonomic office chair also provides seat tilt feature for the

correct positioning of your pelvis. It's essential to keep your pelvis in a neutral position while sitting.


#8 Headrest

It will be great if your office chair will have a headrest. This will support your neck and head as it lessens the tension in your shoulders and upper torso.


Always check the materials used when choosing an ergonomic chair. Make sure they are of good quality and will not cause you to experience discomfort and pain. A quality ergonomic chair can be a bit expensive as compared to other types of chairs, but of course, they can be a smart investment.


Ergonomic Chairs from Anthrodesk

AnthroDesk offers quality ergonomic office chairs that help workers in both office-based and home-based work environments. Check them below:

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Anthrodesk's Wobble Chair

Here's another chair that will keep you active at work with your standing desk. AnthroDesk's wobble chair helps stimulate metabolism and engage your core muscles. Since its height is adjustable, you can wobble your way to having better work experience.


Final Thoughts

Ergonomic chairs help improve back pain by keeping the proper alignment of the shoulders, spine, and hips. This decreases abnormal strain on the body and avoids improper positions such as slouching and forcing your head forward. It also helps in alleviating musculoskeletal disorders such as mid-back pain, pain in the neck, and lower back pain. You may notice that ergonomic chairs may be a bit pricey than standard office chairs, but they can be an excellent investment because they can have a massive impact on job productivity.