Standing Desks Reduce Cardiometabolic Risk

Yet another study showing the benefits of standing desks.

But what you ask, exactly is "cardiometabolic risk" exactly, and why do I want (or care) about it being reduced?

I'm glad you asked! Well, you can read more about the study from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Or, you can spare much of the deep scientific jargon and acronyms and read on...

Still here? I thought so! Okay, so here's the really simple summary. Cardiovascular risk means your risk of getting diabetes or cardiovascular disease (CVD). Sorry, I said I would keep it simple; CVD could be the heart attack, stroke, or heart valve problems. So the study shows that using the standing desks and keeping active actually reduced the risk of heart attack, stroke, heart valve problems, and diabetes.

Essentially, it beefs up some of the previous studies that show you will LIVE LONGER with a sit stand desk.

How did they conduct this study? Well, they took 250 employees from local Minnesota office buildings who spent most of their day sitting, and randomly assigned them (as per normal scientific study standards) to different groups. After 6 months of testing, the results were conclusive, the active standing group (who were at sit-stand desks and mobile) showed significant beneficial effects. They lost weight and had the lowest blood sugar levels, triglycerides, and blood pressure.

It was interesting that Mark Pereira, Ph.D., associate professor the School of Public Health, made a comment that echoed something that we have always preached at AnthroDesk - take it slow! Try to work up your standing time in slow increments. If you have been sitting for years and years, your body will need some time to adapt back to its natural state. For the average person (who has spent years working every day in a chair), standing up half your workday is decent progress after four weeks.

So what are you waiting for? Lower your cardiovascular risk, prolong your life, and get your standing desk already!