Can Standing Desks Help You Lose Weight?

We are already well-informed about the dangers of prolonged sitting and standing. Sitting for long hours has been associated with some diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, back pain, and weight management problems. On the other hand, prolonged standing can also pose health risks, such as experiencing fatigue and muscle strains. When it comes to using ergonomic equipment, standing desks are one of the commonly used tools in the workplace. Some studies also stated that they could help burn calories, thus, making them an interesting tool to lose weight while working.


The Trends of Applying Ergonomics at Work

As we all can notice, there is an increasing number of companies utilizing ergonomic devices and tools such as standing desks, converters, and accessories. They can help increase productivity and boost employees' satisfaction. As previously mentioned, there are some claims about how standing desks can reduce the risk of weight issues, especially when compared to sitting at work.

A study has revealed that when you sit for a full hour without taking breaks can affect the body. Purchasing and using a standing desk can help solve that. It is advised by the experts to spend at least two hours of standing, such as during meetings, taking lunch, or chatting with the workmates.

When it comes to losing weight, various studies reveal that standing can burn at least eight calories per hour, as compared when seated. Therefore, working with a standing desk for two-plus hours can aid in burning an extra twenty calories per day.

In another study headed by April Chambers entitled, "The Effect of Sit-Stand Desks On Office Worker Behavioral and Health Outcomes: A Scoping Review," it is highlighted that standing desks alone did not provide a significant impact in losing weight. But of course, it is still considered as a piece of ergonomic equipment that can aid in feeling comfortable at work.

She advised, "In order to achieve positive outcomes with sit-stand desks, we need a better understanding of how to properly use them; like any other tool, you have to use it correctly to get the full benefits out of it."

It is also vital to know how long you should be standing on your standing desk. We have published an article on what experts have advised regarding the proper way of using a standing desk. The article also shares some critical points on how to use this ergonomic equipment properly. 

We may conclude that a standing desk is not the most effective way to lose weight, but it can aid in burning calories. Furthermore, it can help in improving sugar levels, alleviating back and neck pain, and managing blood pressure.


Tips on How to Burn More Calories When Using a Standing Desk 

When using standing desks and you're aiming to lose weight as well, you need to make sure that you're using it correctly. Check the following tips.

#1 Get a coach or trainer for exercise. There are types of exercises that aid you to burn calories while working at your desk. This can happen either you're sitting or standing. Some trainers advise you to use a miniature bicycle which you can pedal while you're sitting. You can also use a small elliptical machine that can make some steps while standing. However, experts advise using a desk treadmill. They are now a common inclusion in a workstation and are helping employees to workout while doing their tasks. 

#2 Perform some desk exercises. You do not need to spend long hours in the gym to keep an active lifestyle. You can actually do some desk exercises. Try to find some forms of exercises that you can perform while you're at your desk. You can also utilize the features of an ergonomic chair and a walking treadmill.

#3 Make sure to take short, regular breaks. People who work mostly at desks should not forget to take a short break. They should also move around for several minutes every half an hour. Regular movement is the best way to defy the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

#4 Do some stretchings regularly. You can also perform some leg and calf exercises while sitting. Or, do some knee bendings while standing up. Prevent muscle fatigue by not letting yourself stand for long hours a day.


Medical News Today shared in one of their published articles, some helpful tips on how to stay active in the workplace. The top 5 tips are as follows: 

#1 Cycling or walking to work. Both walking and cycling to work are effective ways to help burn calories. They also help reduce the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Besides, according to experts, individuals who walk or cycle tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI) as well as the percentage of body fat.

#2 Standing regularly. Regular standing can also help burn calories. The following are essential points do and remember:

- Promote proper posture to avoid musculoskeletal pain issues as well as fatigue

- Use standing desks or sit-stand desks in workstations to break the sedentary lifestyle

- Avoid prolonged standing without taking breaks to avoid harmful effects

- Stand or do some light activities for 2-4 hours. This is mostly applicable for working professionals who spend most of their time at desk-related works

#3 Moving more. To move more is an obvious answer to beat a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some simple yet effective tips to consider:

- Use the stairs instead of utilizing the elevator when moving to other areas in the company building

- Answer phones or send emails while standing

- Have your car parked several blocks away from your company building

- Set an alarm to make you reminded that you need to take breaks

- Take some extra steps when walking inside the office or when taking a break outside

- Re-engineer your desk by adding tools that may assist you in alternating between standing or sitting

- Walk to a colleague's desk when you need to say something. This can keep you moving instead of just by sending an email or a chat message

#4 Re-engineering workstations. Including physical activity into your working day has various health benefits, reduces work absence, and improves cognitive abilities, efficiency, and productivity. With all the positive results of being free from a sedentary work lifestyle, your business owners may be open to changing up the working environment to provide more options for movement. Some companies also provide fitness programs such as yoga breaks, workouts, and other wellness. All these aid workers take care of their well-being and leverage work efficiency and productivity.

#5 Choosing to have an active break at lunch. Choose to eat your lunch outside or in the canteen, instead of having it while still working at your computer. Always choose to be physically active. When you do that, you will feel revived, refreshed, and feel more concentrated at work the whole day.


Standing desks are vital tools in helping employees stay comfortable and efficient at work. Although some studies reveal that these desks can't effectively help in losing weight, they can still aid in burning calories when appropriately used.