Burn More Calories With A Standing Desk

The effects of movement can be overwhelmingly positive, especially in an office setting. To start, it will help you burn more calories, increased in energy, and lose weight. Stand to work using a standing desk converter. It increases energy, burns extra calories, tones muscles, improves posture, augments blood flow, and builds up metabolism.

The detrimental effects of prolonged sitting is an alarming issue for professionals and medical experts. Studies have shown that too much sitting can cause cardiovascular diseases including heart disease, poor blood circulation, strained neck and back pain, colon cancer, and obesity because of limited movement and less muscle exercise.

Published reports in journals such as Annals of Internal Medicine in January 2015 wherein a study was conducted to identify the degree of correlation between sedentary time and hospitalizations, all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes in adults. The result of the study shows that a sedentary lifestyle is associated with harmful health results whatever physical activities were done.

Sedentary time can be too much sitting and or too much standing. The inclusion of a standing desk converter in workstations is helpful to encourage activity during work and during break time. The question is how to incorporate purposeful activity while using the standing desk?


You can always start by practicing the every 30-minute break as advocated by Dr. Alan Hedge of Cornell University. The workers are encouraged to follow the sit-stand-stretch work pattern, which includes 20 minutes of sitting, then shift position to 8 minutes standing, and 2 minutes stretching and moving.

Take for example if you weigh at least 110 lbs and you are standing for an accumulated time of at least 2 hours a day, you will be burning at least 220 calories just by standing. Now do the math if you opted to stand for 2 more hours. Surely, weighing less is easier this time.

Now that doesn't sound like much, but it adds up to about 110 calories an hour. If you stand for three hours a day for five days that's around 1,650 burnt calories. In a year, it will be total to at least 85,000 extra calories, or around 16lb of fat. Isn’t it amazing?