Benefits of Treadmill Walking

One amazing trend at the workplace, nowadays, is to improve the health of the employees by burning extra calories. Aside from using standing desks and standing desk converters to avoid the bad effects of a sedentary work lifestyle, other equipment is introduced to employees. Today, treadmills are not only found in homes and gyms. They are now also becoming a part of many companies to help their people to keep moving while working. Treadmill walking is an effective way to exercise at work and continue living an active lifestyle.


Top Health Benefits of Walking at Work

We have published several articles talking about the dangers of a sedentary work style. You can check this article about the evils of sitting. There are also various information sources online that give us comprehensive details of why we should avoid this kind of lifestyle. Doing some stretching and desk exercises are some ways to stay active at work. Walking is another activity that is advised by experts to keep the body fit and healthy. This is proven to be an effective way to keep your energy while working. Some findings to prove its benefits in the workplace are as follows.

#1 Walking can be a solution to reduce back pain caused by prolonged sitting. That is why more and more working professionals are joining the trend of treadmill walking in the workplace. This activity can also alleviate stiffness that is caused by being stuck to one position only.

#2 Moving while working on some tasks have proven to increase cognitive functions and concentration. This results in more efficient and effective job performance and results.

#3 Walking is considered to provide benefits to the bones. It helps strengthen the bones which boost your energy. Compared to other types of workouts and exercises, walking is more relaxing and can provide better circulation and movement.

#5 Walking aids in improving blood circulation to achieve various health benefits such as better cell growth, healthier skin, and healthier organ functioning.

#6 Walking can help in burning fat and calories. As you move, you can have an improved metabolism and burn more calories.

#7 Walking can help reduce the risk of diabetes. Some medical experts and their studies revealed that regular walking could help improve insulin levels in the body.

#8 Walking is proven to provide great benefits for mood. It can help in managing depression and turning yourself into a happier mood.


Advantages to Using a Treadmill

Most of us are already aware of using treadmills on gyms and even at homes. They are known to help burn calories in the body; that is why treadmills are known to be a common inclusion at home or in an office

Below are the proven benefits of using a treadmill.

#1 Treadmill walking burns calories faster than other forms of exercise like biking, cycling, and others.

#2 Treadmills offer patented walking traction control that increases the lifespan up to 5 times

#3 Treadmills are easier to use unlike other equipment having complicated programs

#4 Treadmills can be used by several users without making complex adjustments in the equipment

#5 Treadmills are safe to use because the risk of tripping is lesser as compared to other exercise machines

#6 Treadmills come with Digital display (Speed / Steps / Time / Calorie) recommends walking on a treadmill as part of a good exercise routine. You can also try the following:

- Walk on a treadmill at moderate speed for three minutes

- Enjoy walking lunges (our treadmill is quiet with noise level of 7Db

- Then, take a walk for another three minutes

- Do ten push-ups

- Walk again for three minutes

- Do a plank and hold it for 30 seconds

- Do this pattern again for 30-60 minutes while infusing other strength exercises like biceps curls, squats, triceps kickbacks, chest press, and overhead press.


How Does Treadmill Walking Help The Body?

Treadmills provide a good way to exercise no matter what time and place you want to do it as part of your fitness plan. Treadmill walking offers almost similar effects to outdoor walking. Walking on a treadmill can promote better cardiovascular health and more effective calorie burning to lose weight.

In the workplace, the following benefits can be observed.

- Walking on a treadmill helps in building more defined and stronger muscles

- Treadmill walking strengthens your upper body

- Treadmill walking burns calories and fat in the body. This claim is supported by leading health tips sources such as Mayo Clinic.


So, Should You Use A Treadmill Desk At Work?

If you’re a person who would love to improve yourself and overall health at work, then the answer will be ‘Yes.’ Since prolonged sitting can be dangerous to the health, treadmill walking is one smart and effective solution. Company owners must be aware of the advantages that treadmills can provide to their employees, thus, making this equipment a part of the workplace will be a great idea. Not only will it help their employees to become healthier, but these will also promote increased productivity and improved efficiency at work. A workplace becomes an ideal place to work when people feel that their health and convenience are valued and given proper attention.

Using an Under Desk Treadmill Desk

Under desk treadmills are now one of the amazing trends dominating the workforces today. Anyone who will use a treadmill desk must be well-informed on how to use it and know its advantages such as combatting the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. 

Make sure that the workplace, as well as other equipment in the workstation, are all correctly set up. From using the right accessories to developing the right habits in working, ergonomics becomes the gateway to becoming more convenient and comfortable at work.

It’s good to know that treadmill manufacturers and retailers are now creating designs that are customized for standing desk users. It is expected that technological breakthroughs and innovations will continue to develop more amazing features to get more benefits of treadmill walking.