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How Often Should I Sit? How Often Should I Stand?

We get these questions A LOT. People want to know how often they should raise their desk and get off their tush. Well, fortunately, in this new world of technological marvels, there is a device out there that will now tell you! The

Apple watch (dubbed the iWatch) has a plethora of functions and abilities, but apparently, Apple is so adamant about the dangers of sitting, that they have incorporated an alarm feature in the iWatch that tells you when you have been sitting too long.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has even gone so far as to publicly decry that "Sitting is new cancer", echoing the sentiment expressed by many medical professionals and scientists over the last few years. As we already know, sedentary behavior (like sitting) is linked to obesity and other metabolic precursors of major diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Which is why experts recommend the use of standing desk or standing desk converter.

What else can the watch do? Well, not only will it tell you WHEN to stand, but it looks like it may provide some reporting for the actual benefits while you're standing also. The watch has the most sophisticated medical tracking currently available for a heart, blood pressure, and caloric monitoring.

More updates on monitoring will be coming before the release. Early release of the iWatch is slated for March 2015 (next month!), and a price is expected to be in the $400 range.