9 Ways Responsible Employee Do Things Differently

You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say. Martin Luther 

Waking up early and getting off late, doing it every single day. You start to wonder why a responsible worker like you is not getting fully appreciated by your co-workers. And by your boss. You start to question why other workers are getting promoted…You may even start to think your life is simply miserable.

Fret not!  You have a LOT more control than you think. There are MANY things you can do to make you stand out from the rest.  How can you gain other’s attention and make yourself an ideal colleague and employee? Here are some points to think about.

 1. Personal Care 

No one will care about you if you give up on yourself so don’t forget to take care of yourself! Start treating yourself better with some solid nutrition. Eating healthy meals will give you lasting energy and power you throughout the day (this is pretty basic, but one of the biggest improvements you can make). No idea on what to eat? Try food that can boost your focus and enhance your memory. You can also be creative by adding different vegetables.  Try salmon and walnuts… not just for putting more colour on your plate, but also for their beneficial nutrients.

You should alter your workplace habits too (since you are spending most of the time there everyday). I know your seat can be tempting, but try to avoid sitting all day. Too much sitting is likely to increase likelihood of heart disease, unstable level of blood sugar, unwanted pains in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. To prevent these, using a motorized standing desk can let you work according to your will and habit. Want to complete one activity sitting, and one activity standing? Not a problem.  A sit stand desk can be adjusted to allow you to sit, or to stand. It's becoming well known to provide significant benefits and in fact, tech giants like Google and Facebook promote standing desks and offer them to ALL staff. Not only do they care about employees’ health, but they also provide freedom and space for employees to think and create more ideas.

 2. Admit Your Mistakes

You don’t want to be an ordinary employee, you aim to be a responsible leader for people to recognize. A team leader tends to accept his weakness and improve himself proactively. He never brings out excuses and cover up the wrong-doings – he stands up and tries again.

As an added bonus, people will actually LIKE YOU MORE. According to unofficial reports, those who bear their responsibility are reported to be more charming…

 3. Manage Money Wisely

Always make your every drop count. A responsible employee is financially strong and is responsible to himself as well. Save up your salary once you receive your payroll reject any unnecessary spending. Make sure you think twice before purchasing and realize the difference between “Want” and “Need”. But do remember to reward yourself a bit every month, just to recognize your own effort paid. (But don’t spoil yourself)

 4. Efficiency

How to make the most of your time? Start prioritizing your duties according urgency. This way, you won’t miss your deadlines and piss off your customers. Start with the easiest duty too. This creates a short-term win and sense of achievement for you to overcome upcoming difficult tasks.  Need more energy to finish your tasks? Studies show that using standing desk does not just lessen sedentary time but it will also will improve your health and energy. Don’t waste your time wondering around, a standing desk can be ideal for different work purposes.

 5. Stand for what is right.

A successful worker always stands for what he believes in. Ethical practices at work such as integrity, excellent quality of work output, discipline, and teamwork is a constant practice. He follows rules in his heart, but also knows when they can be questioned for purposes of responsibility and professionalism. He supports his fellow employees and will speak up for what is a commendable act.

6. Be an open-minded team builder

Certainly, a leader may have all-rounded expertise. But as a team player, he welcomes suggestions and does not inferior colleagues but promotes thinking. He should be comfortable to learn from people who carries good ideas and gives credit to them. A responsible worker should also be open-minded to advocate healthy working style and promotes among the workplace. A standing desk can provide freedom to workers to stand or sit at designated height especially for long hours meeting.

7. Never stop learning

If you want colleagues and your boss value you more, impress them with your ability. From as little as observing contemporary business practices to enrolling professional courses, a successful candidate never stops polishing his skills. Keep leanring to be a competitive worker to climb up within the organization and explore unexpected opportunities.

Anyway, there are lots of ways to become a successful worker who workers admire. Don’t forget to upgrade yourself, devote yourself into work field and never neglect your own health. Being a recognizable worker is not just about your ability, it is about what you STAND FOR.