7 Essentials for a Healthy and Productive Workplace

A healthy and productive workplace contributes a lot to the total performance of an employee. It creates an ideal place where employees can unleash their potential.

Also, employers can effectively implement their plans to achieve specific goals. A healthy and happy worker also means a healthy environment that is conducive for overall health and increased productivity.

It is vital to learn the essentials when it comes to creating a healthy and productive workplace.


7 Factors That Contribute to a Healthy and Productive Work Environment

Several factors impact productivity and efficiency levels in creating a great work environment. Make sure to include the following in your company goals: 

#1 Build focus for the employees and the company. It is crucial to create the proper environment for employees and employers to let them create amazing work results. Scientific studies reveal that the human brain is more productive when it works with intervals. This means you need to take breaks from working with deep concentration and focus. The management of every company must implement rules and programs that will help their employees relax and unwind.

This strategy can lead staff to be more productive since their minds can function more effectively. Each day, working individuals face challenging tasks and difficult decisions. That's why they may need a little help. Promoting your brand can be more effective if it is evident in the full work environment. Be proud of your brand!  It can be visible in the conference room, vision and branding wall, entrance design, and other areas of the workplace.

#2 Lighting in the workplace. All employees in the working environment must have access to proper lighting in their workstations. There are studies showing that windowed spaces worked more efficiently compared to non-windowed workstations. Keep your work areas adequately illuminated (good task lighting works in addition to natural light) so that workers can work with comfort.

This strategy can prevent employees from having eye strain and other work-related experiences. Try to look for high-quality desk lamps as well as general lighting in the work area. This will help promote better ambiance. Too bright lighting can be distracting and may cause employees to experience headaches and eye problems.

#3 Proper nutrition. The food you take in your body makes it function effectively. When you drink and eat unhealthy foods and beverages, you may suffer health issues. Make sure clean water is accessible in the office. It will help people in the company to be hydrated. As we all know, being dehydrated causes headaches and fatigue. 

In some cases, dehydration can even lead to other ailments and health problems. Keeping employees informed about proper nutrition will help lower absenteeism and productivity risks. Promote healthy eating as well. Encourage staff to consume healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods that will be beneficial to the people. Promote the smart purchasing of healthy foods. It can be fun and engaging if there are fitness programs that are offered to the employees. These types of strategies regarding a healthy working lifestyle can aid in improving the company’s productivity and boosting the morale of your staff. 

#4 Arrange the workplace for a comfortable look and feel. The way your workspaces look and feel matters. They should be tailored to the needs and job requirements of the employees. Add ergonomic equipment and tools in the work area, such as the following:

- Standing desks

- Desk converters

- Ergonomic mouse

- Keyboard tray

- Desk lamps

- Ergonomic chairs

- Work treadmills

You can also add some art to promote innovation and creativity in the work environment. These can also uplift mood and increase zest while working. All employers must be able to recognize the needs of every employee to ensure their safety and comfort while working.

Ensuring you have an ergonomically-designed workplace lets everyone work efficiently. It lessens the concerns and risks about long term health problems related to stagnant office work. 

#5 Interior layout and workspace design. This factor is related to the feel and looks of your workspace. Since people are now being engaged with such a sedentary lifestyle, they are prone to living a shorter life span. There are various studies linking a sedentary lifestyle to health problems such as colon cancer, digestive issues, fatigue, back pain, and other posture-related ailments.

Sitting or standing for long hours can significantly affect the way we work; thus, they should be done correctly. That is why it is essential to be cautious about how to set up the workspaces. The same goes for the tools in the work station. Choose to have an interior layout that will bring a fresher feel and a greater look of the ambiance. Provide stand up meeting desks as well as other types of ergonomic equipment to improve flow.

You can also infuse some indoor plants or some potted cacti or and succulents on your table. Not only will they add cool air to the environment, but they will also keep workers feel more relaxed and focused on their work.

#6 Professional work relationships. No one feels comfortable working in a working environment that is too demanding and not valuing the skills and contribution of an employee. Each of us deserves to be valued, recognized, and respected. Work relationships must be professional, fun, engaging, and always in support of each other.

The management must inculcate the values of trust, respect, and different company values to all employees. These things should be applicable when dealing with their work colleagues, clients, and anyone so that people will recognize the brand in the right way. This strategy will also encourage each employee to unleash their potential and talent to further the company’s success.

#7 Good indoor air quality. Good indoor air quality is a factor that can sometimes be overlooked when creating a healthy and productive work environment. The management must be aware of the temperature and humidity that are controlled by some equipment in the working area, specifically the HVAC unit. Make sure as well that the area is free from dangerous chemicals and other products that can be harmful to your health.

In case there can’t be avoided in the nature of the business, make sure to implement proper precautionary measures. It will also be helpful if companies will choose sustainable materials and eco-friendly items. In that way, companies will support not only the health of their employees but also the environment.


Final Thoughts

The management of every company must consider the factors mentioned above. They will be beneficial because they can encourage more talents, better focus, a lower rate of absenteeism, and a healthier work environment. A happier atmosphere in the workplace will also be ensured.