6 Office Interior Design Concepts

Isn’t it amazing to work in a space where you feel comfortable? Indeed, it is! This is why the kind of vibes evoked by a work environment matters. An office with stunning and inspiring office interior design concepts can add to your inspiration and motivation at work. Not only that, but it can also give you a sense of personality whether you’re a minimalist, bold, creative, and more. If you’re planning to set up or redecorate your office, then these six office interior design concepts will help.


Why Office Interior Design Matters?

Imagine this. You have your office and you want to have the best employees to work in your organization. Or, maybe you’re now working from home and you want to create your working haven in one of your rooms. One way to help you with all that is to come up with a great office interior design concept, make a plan for it, and implement it. Certainly, the interior design of your office is a crucial factor to consider because it greatly impacts an employee’s level of productivity. You cannot give your 100% in the job if you do not like what you are seeing around. A well-designed and organized office environment also contributes to better communication and collaboration among members of the organization. In case you’re working from home, the design or setup of your workstation can either inspire or bore you. Therefore, taking time to think and come up with your desired office interior design is a vital step in making a meaningful work journey and experience. Nowadays, there are modern designs that are trending, but the classics, simple, and traditional workplace design concepts are still one of the best options.

According to Inc.com, office design aesthetics can really affect the way employers work. One of its articles states:

“You'll see a lot of companies using their office features as "perks," when they should be thinking of them in terms of culture. Great culture doesn't just happen naturally; it has to be imagined, nurtured and supported. If you want a culture that focuses on teamwork, make sure to leave plenty of gathering space for collaboration. If creativity is important, show it with inspiring art and places to play around. Ask your staff for suggestions about what spatial features would allow them to do their best work. ”


The design of your office can also have direct effects on your health. There can be a higher level of stress risk when there is a lot of noise and poor ventilation in the working environment. It should also promote a work lifestyle where workers can promote proper posture, such as using standing desks or having tools to let them do some exercises while at work.


6 Office Interior Design Ideas That You Can Try

The ideas, if you are looking for great concepts for your office, are available in different channels. In social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll be fascinated by the various images featuring creative and gorgeous office designs. There are vast sources of inspiration. All you have to do is to find the ones that are inclined to what designs you have in mind, and then try to develop the perfect design concept. Here are some examples to make you inspired:


#1 Modern and Minimalistic

Going with the trend can be tricky yet satisfying. Nowadays, a lot of people are choosing to be minimalistic, yet, still sophisticated. Why not add a modern office desk where you will have your computer monitor and accessories? Your desk will be the centrepiece of your workplace, so it should highlight the overall effect of your office.

Home Designing published some office interior designs that are stylish and pleasing to work at.

#2 Ergonomic Workstation

Applying ergonomics should always be considered when setting up a workstation. You can still create a pleasant-looking and comfortable office. What’s good about an ergonomic workstation is that you will have the right tools and equipment to work while taking care of your health and safety. Consider adding standing desks or desk converters, so that you will easily alternate between sitting and standing. Use an ergonomic office chair to ensure that you will not have back pain issues. Instead of using a traditional or gaming mouse, it would be better if you can use an ergonomic vertical mouse. You can check AnthroDesk’s ergonomic accessories for further details.

#3 Work with Nature

The wonders of Nature have been proven to provide benefits to our life- at home and work. That is why nature-inspired offices are now becoming a trend among workstations. Especially nowadays that most workers are working from home, creating a comfortable office design is a good idea. If you’re a Nature-lover and would like to infuse a touch of it while working, then creating Nature-inspired office interiors will help a lot.

Not only that but adding a live-edge desk in your workstation can also make you closer to Nature. Live edge tabletop, for instance, provides a touch of Nature with its natural beauty.

Made from high-quality materials and designed with excellent features, these live edge desks will be an effective part of your daily work experience.


#4 Bright and Loud

There are workers who would love to make their office have their workspaces to evoke cheerful elegance through bright colours and bold designs. Adding elements to plain white office walls, including furniture and equipment, and integrating complex designs are some factors that are included to create a bright and loud office interior designs.

Decoist.com features several office designs that showcase colourful, smart, and modern appeal. You can get some inspirations from these designs to achieve a playful, loud, fun, and exciting vibe.

#5 Corner Office

If you’re working at home and find a corner of your house to be your workstation, then using an L-shaped desk is a good idea. It is perfect for you especially if you want to have privacy while working. Distractions at home like kids playing around, roaming pets, and conversations can hinder you from creating positive work results. You can turn a corner of your home into an ideal working space with the right tools and equipment.

AnthroDesk offers quality L-shaped standing desks that can accommodate up to three computer monitors. This can help you manage multiple tasks and become more productive at work.

#6 Go Rustic

Some workers get inspired when they are working in a rustic-inspired working space. This makes them more comfortable working in an office with natural, unique, and stunning vibes of furniture, accessories, and equipment. For some people, rustic interior designs of a home office can give them a feeling of relaxing in the farm, helping them to focus on their tasks.

Get your inspiration here.


Be Creative, Stay Productive at Work

Decorilla features 10 best office interior designs in 2020. These are commercial office interior designs that are all aesthetically designed. You can check the article and office designs here.

In 2018, Dezeen.com also shared some of their top picks of office interiors. Some of these are inspired by great furnishings and colours, as well as infusing Nature and artwork in the office.

As a saying goes, “love the space you’re in”, being comfortable and passionate with your workspace can help boost your mood and leverage work productivity. Give yourself the chance to work with an amazing office interior design, and you’ll be in the track of creating massive success with your career.