5 Reasons To Take The Stairs

In this video courtesy of “the fun theory”, they came up with a perfect experiment which showed a surprising 66% increase of bystanders taking the stairs instead of the escalator by making each step a musical note making it look like people were stepping on actual piano keys. Though we don’t suggest you do this at work, It’s just a serious matter to think about what your body needs. We get why people would choose to take the elevator over the stairs, but doing this daily could make you lose 6 lbs easy over the span of one year. It's safe to say that adding this to your daily movements should have a significant impact on your overall health.

Here’s a list of why you should take this seriously.


Pretty much any activity that you do rids your body of accumulated daily work stress. Have you ever paced while thinking very hard, waiting for a good idea? It’s because our body is designed to move like a well oiled machine. Being stressed out about something increases tension you already have and emits a mental clog in a human brain. Walking or taking the stairs should elevate your thought process and help you slowly regain focus. Now you know why the movies kept spouting “I’ll take a walk” after a heated argument.


They say the heart is the hardest working muscle in the human body. Pumping blood all throughout the body, day in and day out without offs and holidays. Taking the stairs daily allows you to work out on your cardiovascular muscle and health adding years to your life. Climbing stairs are great for your muscles and bones. Remember the movie, Rocky? Or basically, any action or sport related movie that has that 3-minute training/work out montage using stairs? I assure you it’s not all for the show. According to research, strengthening your calf muscles together with your knee joints promotes better balance while carrying the entire half of your body. Though we want you to continuously exert your all-natural energy into taking the stairs next time, we also want you to start gradually, and slowly reap the benefits out of your soon-to-be new hobby. Stairs should be much faster than an elevator, I mean you can already be in halfway to your floor by the time the elevator dings.


We are not against sitting down, but we are against sitting down at work for 8-9 hours all your professional life. Everyone that has sat down all their career can and will tell you this. Take a walk when you can, run if you must! But at work, why not take the stairs? It’s simply a healthier solution that you can simply add to your daily office routine and you don’t even need gym clothes to do it!