5 Myths About LED Lights You Need To Know

Proper ventilation is needed to make a work environment ideal for creating productive results. One way that can help workers to stay comfortable and efficient at work is by using LED lights. These are extremely energy-efficient and long-lasting. It is an ideal replacement for traditional lights that uses halogen and standard incandescent lights. LED Lights can save up to 90% on household lighting costs. Even with technology, there are still common myths about LED Lights and the following is a list worthy of reading.

Myth #1: LED Lights last forever

Fact: LED Lights have an extremely long lifespan. It is longer than fluorescent lights. However, when using LED lights for a long period of time, it would slowly fade.

Myth #2: LED Lights are not bright enough and have a poor light quality

Fact: LED Lights are bright even in the daytime and it is used in most traffic lights.

LED Lights have enough light output for use and it can sufficiently light the entire room, tunnel, and buildings. LED Lights are also suitable for any application such as desk lamps for reading lights and night lights, security lights, spotlights, accent lights and lighting for signage.

Myth #3: LED Lights hardly use any power

Fact: LED Lights use only 15% of the energy and yet the light output provided is up to 85%.

Myth #4: LED Lights don’t give off any heat

Fact: LED Lights need to discard conductive heat in order to achieve long life.

LED Lights are cool when touched because it does not emit radiant heat in the direction the light is being dispersed. With the advancement in technology, LED Lights will become increasingly efficient by allowing higher light output per unit of energy and emit less heat.

Myth #5: LED Lights are really cheap

Fact: LED Lights costs more than the other lights but are getting cheaper as technology allows it. The cost of LED Lights, as measured by dollars per lumen, has reduced by 50% in the past year. It is expected that there will be an 80% price reduction in LED Lights over the next four years.

LED lights last up to 10 times longer than halogen lights. An LED light that will last for 50,000 hours will mean it can last for 24 years if it is used for 6 hours a day only. Start owning green technology by having your first LED desk light. Pair it with your reliable standing desk that will also help boost your creativity and productivity level in a day's work.