5 Home Office Setup Ideas for Productivity and Efficiency

Working from home has definitely inspired most of us to find home office setup ideas that could boost productivity and efficiency. As we are spending the foreseeable future working from home, our home office setup has definitely required us to level up. What used to work before, perhaps a functional table and an uncomfortable chair, do not suffice anymore.

Depending on your goals, various home office setup ideas would appeal to modern work-from-home professionals. Some simple interior design tips and tricks could take your regular bedroom into a home office space worthy of a Pinterest board.

Aside from aesthetics, your home office setup should, ultimately, be able to inspire you to work more productively and efficiently. Once you open the door to your home office, your brain should be able to get into a productive work zone right off the bat.

It would help to ask these guide questions to yourself to determine what you want out of your home office:

  • Will you be doing manual work on your home office? Or, will a table and chair. 
  • How much space do you need? Will there be enough space in your chosen room?
  • What type of equipment will you need for your work? Will a simple desk and chair be enough? Or do you need a workshop type of equipment?

Once that’s done, here are some home office setup ideas that could inspire you to build your own in the comforts of your personal abode.


5 Simple Home Office Setup Ideas

1. Simple and Sleek

Your home office doesn’t need to be Pinterest-worthy the first time around. Start with the basic renovation and prioritizing your immediate workspace area. If you need a table that could hold your laptop and a seat for the whole day, this smart and straightforward home office setup idea might be a good jumpoff point.

Choose your type of desk first. A programmable standing desk is something to look into as you could alternate between sitting down and standing up. Studies have shown that doing so lessens the risk of chronic back pains and stiff necks.

Select a chair that could support your back as you work long hours. Making sure your body is comfortable is one of the critical steps to becoming productive. When your body could work seamlessly without any inconvenient interruption, that is when you are most effective.

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2. Highly Motivational

Do you already have a home office setup, but you want to make it more efficient? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The key to a motivational home office setup is to make sure everything in your space is with purpose. The fewer distractions there are for your brain, the easier it will be to focus on the task at hand. Keeping your table free of unnecessary clutter also opens the space up and allows your body to move around more comfortably.

That said, it also helps to put in little trinkets and small plants to keep your desk bright and green. Being able to see some semblance of nature in your workspace tricks the brain into relaxing, giving it a few seconds of rest. A study previously showed that people who look at nature in their short breaks commit fewer mistakes than those looking over a more urban landscape.


3. Neat and Organized

Keeping everything tidy and organized is half the task done. When you know where things are located in your desk or your home office, it cuts down the time to rummage for them and allows you to spend it more productively. 

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to keep everything on your desk. Investing in wire cable managers to keep all the wires neatly tucked out of the way is one simple step to start with this. Little cubbies for your pens and other desk stationeries in proper arm’s length from you is better than having everything strewn all over. 

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4. Minimalist Home Office

Most companies employ a minimalist, open floor plan to encourage collaboration and focus on their employees. Implementing this kind of home office setup idea in your own home is a beautiful concept to take on, too. 

Make sure you utilize your space purposefully. Invest in multipurpose furniture, so one area is occupied for several tasks. Floating shelves are aesthetically pleasing and lend an easier time for you to look for your reference books and other things.

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5. Ergonomic and Comfortable

An ergonomic workspace is the buzzword of the century when it comes to work interior design, and for a reason! Ergonomics is the process of fitting a workspace or an environment to a person’s body and capabilities, allowing for optimized functionality. In other words, it’s tailor-fitting your workspace around your body.

With an ergonomic home office setup, your body is at its most comfortable. You will be allowed to work as much as possible without any pesky back pains or stiff necks. Of course, it will still be better to take a few minutes of rest now and refresh the body and maximum productivity. But overall, an ergonomic home office setup is when your workspace is working for you and not the other way around.

To begin, find a desk that suits you well. Make sure the height of the table is perfect for your arms and elbows. A programmable standing desk is ideal as you could customize it for an alternating standing or sitting desk. 

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Ultimately, the best home office setup idea is something that would make you comfortable. Making your space simple, neat and ergonomic all serves to make sure you and your body are comfortable as you worked throughout the day. Productivity is something that follows once the body and mind are relaxed and on the right headspace to work.

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