10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends Who Are Working from Home

The holiday vibes are just around the corner. Despite the various negative things that happened this year, we should not stop celebrating the spirit of love, caring, and sharing. This Christmas season, we should be grateful for being resilient and have gone through all the difficult times. For sure, you might be wondering what gifts you can give to your loved ones. Choosing the perfect gift ideas for them can be challenging, but it should always be exciting. If you have colleagues or family members working from home, they will surely love these 10 Christmas gift ideas.


10 AnthroDesk Products as Christmas Gift Ideas

Gifts should be memorable, useful, and create significance to the receiver. So, see the following items and start checking them out.

 #1 Foldable Laptop Table with Height Adjustable Legs and Tilting Tray

Working at home requires using a desktop computer or a laptop. Some people prefer to use laptops because it is more convenient to use and carry to wherever you work. Introducing AnthroDesk's foldable laptop table with a tilting tray and height-adjustable legs! You can work anywhere like in bed, desk, chair, or the floor with this item. No more hassle in assembling; you just need to unpack and start using it. You can also bring it during travel because it fits in your briefcase or bags.


- Lets you work on your laptop anywhere

- Provides fully adjustable legs from 23 cm to 31 cm, helping you to adjust them to their proper height

- Does not sway or wobble

- Can support up to 60 lbs and secure a stable platform(52cm x 30 cm) for your gadgets like monitors, notebook, tablets, and laptops

- Can be folded conveniently so you can carry it at a coffee shop, cottage, park, home office, or anywhere you want to work

- Serves as a perfect partner for a laptop and allows its users to start standing up from time to time

- Helps prevent a sedentary lifestyle

#2 Desktop Power Station

Does your friend still need to stand up and look for an outlet to charge phones and gadgets? Why not do it on your desk, instead? The AnthroDesk Wireless Charging Station has 2 Power Outlets + 3 USB ports + Qi Charger is another perfect gift item you can give. This power station can charge up to four gadgets simultaneously. It is also easy to bring outside or carry during your travel.


- Compatible with 5V/1A wireless charger on the side of the power socket

- Works well with all devices with Qi-standard, such as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10, etc.

- Can charge quickly because it has 3 USB charging ports with smart recognition function

- Delivers the high speed possible charging speed up to 2.4 A in total.

- Safe to use; it has built-in surge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, and over-temperature protection.

- It is compact and space-saving

- It has a design that can take up a lesser space when charging, so you don't need to worry about clutter in your working area

- It's a multi-device for it is composed of 2 Power Outlets + 3 USB ports + 5 feet (14AWG) cord and can charge four devices at the same time.

#3 Ergonomic High-Back Chair

Save your friend and loved ones from the possible risk of back pain. They may be sitting at work for long hours, and giving them an ergonomic chair would be the best idea. AnthroDesk's ergonomic high-back chair can help to reduce the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. It also provides the right balance for support and comfort. It also has adjustable features that make this chair ideal for everyone. It has a mesh backrest to let you feel cool and comfortable while sitting.


- Provides an adjustable height, armrest, and headrest

- Safe to use; it has BIFMA passed class 3 gas-lift + multi-functional mechanism as well as reclining and locking at four positions functionality

- It is sustainable with a nylon frame and a mesh back

- Its fabric padded seat with plastic bottom cover and injection foam make the user of the chair much more comfortable while working

#4 AnthroDesk Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Do you often hear your friends or loved ones complaining about wrist pains and fatigue on their hands? Maybe that can be due to long hours of typing or working on their computers. This is time that you can help them by giving them an ergonomic vertical mouse as a gift. AnthroDesk's vertical mouse aids in preventing injuries related to the continuous use of a mouse. It allows your arm to stay in its natural position. Its tempered ABS material makes this mouse more durable compared to the traditional mice that use plastic materials.


- Aids in reducing strain on the wrists and arms

- Composed of DPI button that allows 1000-1600-2400-3200 DPI configurations

- It has an LED Light indicator with various color based on your selected DPI


#5 Cable Management Spine – Wire Organizer

Help your friends to stay organized while working from home. Give them a cable management spine- wire organizer as a gift this Christmas. It aids in neatly routing cables from the floor to the bottom surface of the desk or table. It also has separate channels for electrical and computer cords. It is absolutely an easy and practical way to protect your desk cables and create an attractive and clutter-free workspace. AnthroDesk's cable manager features a highly modular design, along with segments that snap together. These allow you to adjust the length to fit your needs. It also mounts securely in place with its mounting plate that can be attached to the underside of your desk, counter, and table.

#6 Clamp-On Power Bar Holder

Here's another gift item you can give to someone working from home – AnthroDesk's Clamp-on Power bar holder!


- Helps you stay organized by getting rid of the clutter under your desk

- Keeps your outlets at reach

- Provides an adjustable width

- Able to use almost any power strip with a holder

- It provides protecting pads to prevent scratches to your desk

- It has built-in cable management that helps keep your power cord away from the desk keeping your workplace tidy and safe

#7 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Here's another way to keep someone's desk free from clutter like wires and cables. AnthroDesk's wireless keyboard and mouse combo is indeed a smart device for everyone working from home. It is designed for those who want to enjoy the portability of devices. This combo comes with convenience and efficiency, like when typing on an actual physical keyboard. It is portable and compact and is a perfect companion to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and Home Theater PC system. For across-the-room control of the device - even when it's connected to your TV or charging! Get rid of hunching over your desk or laptop. Just sit back and enjoy typing and multi-touch navigation right from your couch.

Important: It also features a plug and play USB receiver for both the mouse and the keyboard to enable saving using USB ports


#8 Sliding Standing Desk Converter

What makes this AnthroDesk's sliding standing desk converter a perfect gift for a person working from home? It can help to avoid the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle.


- Ideally works with your existing des; no need to buy a new one

- It can be assembled within 15 minutes

- It is easy to use because of the efficient locking mechanism that enables it to change its height from sitting to standing

- Perfect for fast retrofitting offices with standing desks; it's space-saving and convenient to use


#9 LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Help your friends to have proper lighting in their workstations. Give them an LED Desk Lamp with a USB charging port from AnthroDesk. It can help them prevent the risk of having headaches and migraines due to poor lighting.


- Features a modern design

- Composed of touch-sensitive controls

- Has USB charging ports

- Offers three levels of brightness

- Can help save money because LED lights are 80% more efficient compared to incandescent lamps

- Proven to provide a natural and more efficient lighting option that will absolutely look good on your working desk

#10 Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk

One of the ideal Christmas gifts you can give to your friends working from home is ergonomic equipment. It will aid them in combatting the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. One example is Anthrodesk's programmable single motor electric standing desk.


  • Provides an adjustable width function to fit a various range of desktops.
  • It is automatic and affordable; with just a push of a button, you can go from sitting to standing easily
  • Offered with a 7-year Canadian warranty on both electrical and mechanical parts of the standing desk
  • Comes with reversible laminate table tops; you can choose from tabletop options like maple and mahogany in black and white colours
  • Provides four programmable presets to adjust to your preferred height options


Final Thoughts

Christmas Day is a time of giving love, care, and gratitude. This is a moment to show how we dearly love the people around us. This should be a celebration of giving back. When it comes to giving your friends gifts, consider how the item will make a difference and significance to them. The 10 Christmas gift ideas listed above will make your friends working from home to be more efficient and healthier while doing their tasks.