There Is More To Standing Than Sitting

There have been few debates that say that standing is far better than sitting. Even science has claimed that standing has a wide range of benefits; for instance, standing accounts for more calories burned than sitting. There is an affirmation that standing for long periods of time may seem unmanageable for many adults, especially for those who have desk jobs, but with the introduction of standing desks, standing and sitting at work could be possible.

As there are a lot of standing desks in the market, we also need to learn how to choose the right desk. In choosing the right standing desk, we are not just talking about the cost but also the quality and the benefits of each standing desk that differs from one another.

Simple Ways to Move your Body

What boils down to any discussion about standing vs sitting is that all people were never meant to be sedentary. It is essential to encourage oneself to get moving. For those who have work that requires a lot of sitting, moving your body and avoid being sedentary is an important thing to do.

One way of helping the risk of leading a sedentary lifestyle is to incorporate small bits of exercise in your daily routine. There are a lot of ways to do this by just simply adding techniques in your daily routines. Here are some of the methods which can be helpful.

  • While watching TV, get up and walk around the house during TV commercials.
  • Always stand around and walk around when you're on the phone.
  • In the office, walk for two-three minutes every four hours

There are also a lot of opportunities when it comes to extra movement in your regular errands and chores. An example is washing your car once in a while instead of using a drive-thru car wash. Another example is parking far away from the grocery store or better yet, if possible, walking to the store and carrying grocery items. A lot can be done to be more active. Exercise doesn't always have to be intense to be effective. There are many opportunities in our daily life that where we can do the extra movement.

Invest in a Good Furniture

It is important to invest in a piece of functional furniture, especially a desk because we need to address comfortability and productivity. Nowadays, a different approach that some people have taken at work is to stand. Standing while working makes you more productive and even increases your creativity. It can also improve your health as it is a simple preventive measure for brain diseases.

When you invest in a sit-stand desk, it is not regarded as a luxury but as a necessity because of the health benefits that it can offer. In today's modern era, a lot of us want to finish everything in a snap and that sometimes can compromise our health. Many of us know the dangers of being sedentary but can sometimes ignore the effects it has on us. Sit-stand desks can help alleviate the harmful effects of being sedentary.

Working in A Standing Desk Helps You to Become Productive

To boost productivity, you need to keep your body activity up during the workday. Our body should be moving from time to time, energy should flow and blood should be pumping. Just by merely walking, it can make you instantly improve your focus and efficiency in completing a task.

Here are some of the benefits of working and standing at the same time:

It makes you a more productive employee. Standing is associated with action while sitting is often related to relaxing. When you stand, it helps you focus on a specific task at hand; this is because standing gives you a sense of urgency. It will decrease the risk to be distracted from your tasks assigned at the office.

It can make you a healthy employee. Standing at work increases your heart rate and adds up about 30,000 calories burned during the year, which is similar to like running ten marathons. This will help you feel more active, and, therefore, more energized to go through your demanding activities during the day.

Morale will Increase In the office. Engaging and walking around the office creates a real sense of morale and somewhat encourage collaboration in the workplace. This attitude gives a great benefit to the company. It will build and develop a healthy and interactive culture.

Most of the standing desk owners found that using it for a few hours a day, force them to move around. Concentration is up, and this makes them feel that they can avoid the afternoon slump. Standing all day is bound to feel strange at first; however, if this is good for the health, these helpful tips may help to make your experience more comfortable.

Nowadays more people are now into a standing desk that increases productivity and provides health benefits. There are several criteria on how we can determine a good standing desk. It can be measured based on one’s health and productivity. When choosing the right desk, it is essential that we know the quality and how long the desk will last.

The standing desk has become beneficial when it comes to standing on extended periods because it has ergonomic features. The standing desk also makes users work in a productive manner and focus on the work in front of them. There are a lot of standing desks in the market and in order for you to get the ideal one, it is important that you make a concerted effort of exploring what the best models the market has to offer.