How to Work With A Team Effectively

Being one of the members of a team means you work interdependently. An organization is composed of individuals who should be working together to achieve the goals of the company. Effective communication and proper coordination must be ensured. The sense of responsibility and the attitude towards work are factors that will help develop a positive working environment to achieve success. How to work effectively depends on how you communicate well with your team. 


Tips on How to Work Effectively With Your Team

Here are some of the essential steps on how you can effectively work with a team.


Ensure Open Communication

It is vital for all of us to communicate well, as this is one of the ways to fix problems or issues immediately. Lack of communication is often the main reason why failures and more significant concerns happen in the workplace. Ensure an open communication so every member of the organization will be aware of their progress as well as the projects' development.


Communication is also key to a successful relationship. If people are allowed to speak what's on their mind, they can express their thoughts, opinions, and other concerns. They must feel they are being heard, that their bosses are willing to listen so that they can be motivated.


Effective communication is vital in building the attitude of the person, too. A well-informed person always has a better approach to any situation. It is also one of the basic features of management. It is through communication that people able to submit feedback and requirements.  


Build Respect & Trust

Build your team with trust and respect. A leader needs to build trust and integrity on their team. Without these two attitudes, it will be hard to understand and work with each other. There will be doubts and hesitations, and that is not good. It's essential to be respectful of each other's opinion. Leaders and managers should solicit inputs from their team members. Not only because they can acquire great insights from them, but this is an effective strategy to show them that they are valued and appreciated. Whenever a question is being raised in a team, it is important to listen and give responses. Accept the inputs in a non-judgemental manner.


Discrimination, gossip and harassment must be abolished and avoided in the workplace. Proper training on both the management and the employees will help prevent those behaviours. Respect is also being shown by recognizing your team for the little achievements that they have contributed to the team.

Whether you're a manager or an employee, you want your ideas and feelings to be respected. Disrespect and degrading behaviours will result in poor workplace culture. If you encourage mutual respect, this will help reduce stress and conflict. As mutual understanding arises, exchanges in ideas will increase company knowledge and innovation. Connection in the workplace is vital, and it is not the sole responsibility of your employee.


Recognize the Contribution of Others

By acknowledging the work of others and expressing your appreciation for their creativity and insight, you are creating enthusiasm and sense of camaraderie. All these are valuable factors to your work as a team. Creating an environment of teamwork has the potential to produce exceptional results, as well as dynamic and exciting work experience. This must be an approach with tact, diplomacy and professionalism to ensure optimal results.


It is imperative to praise and acknowledge the excellent work of the employees because it confirms that others are valuing their work. If their work is being appreciated, satisfaction and productivity will improve. The members of the organization will be more motivated to maintain motivation or strive for improvement in their jobs.


Recognition is important in the workplace; it makes sense of value and respect for an employee's contribution to the success of a company. Everyone needs to feel a sense of achievement for a job well done. There are a lot of benefits if we recognize an employee. One of these is giving a reward in a form that they will appreciate. It can be an award or benefits. Understanding individual and team achievement help build a sense of solidarity and identity for the whole team. Mutual respect brings a stronger relationship between team members and increases the level of loyalty.

Have a Positive Attitude

A positive can-do attitude is also essential in a work environment. This type of attitude helps to cope better in a stressful situation at work.

A negative attitude, on the other hand, creates an atmosphere of distrust among employees and causes them to stimulate conflicts among others. A positive attitude in a workplace is seen as a motivator that inspires employees to perform at their best. This can also serve as an igniting factor to improve productivity and encourages creativity. Employees will have a sense of pride because they feel that their ideas will contribute to the success of the organization.


The positive attitude also avoids negative pitfalls of stress, offering a happier mood and approach to work. Having a positive mind includes a longer lifespan, increased resistance of getting sick and better physical well-being. Based on some studies, people with a positive attitude makes the whole workplace to be more motivated at work and perform their jobs with excellence and efforts.

Being positive can also be shown in our physical aspects. A flash of a smile at everyone can create a domino effect. This creates positivity which is a powerful emotion. Having an overall positive outlook it will become easier to reach the team's goals. Having this kind of attitude can be a big help. People working with smiles on their faces can promote a light and happy environment. This will show how passionate people are with their work. 

By presenting a positive attitude, it makes you more resilient. Stress can be avoided with a healthy and positive attitude. Instead of feeling anxious and stressed, a positive attitude can bring out the confidence in you as you choose to work happily and motivated. Creating a positive aura in the workplace also increases your chance of being noticed by leaders. This becomes an opportunity to serve as a role model for others.


A team will not successfully work if members are bound by negativity. Make sure that everyone is working with a positive attitude, and that they are being appreciated for their efforts. Have open communication and solve conflicts promptly. Working effectively with a team requires understanding, trust, and credibility, so make sure they are all present in the workplace.