How to Recover from Burnout (Ways to Balance Your Life)

Modern technology, fast-paced environment along with people around us; these are just a few of the factors why burnout is becoming prevalent in most of the workplaces. But how do we know if we are feeling burnout? Not all people are willing to share how they think, especially in the workplace. To top that, it could not only affect the individuals, but it can also everyone at the workplace. How to deal with it is precisely what we need to address, but first, we need to identify the signs or symptoms and know what burnout is.

Burnout is a feeling or state of chronic stress; it is a suffering of emotional pressure for an extended period. It does not happen all of a sudden, which makes it more terrifying as it is hard to recognize. But still, our minds and bodies are the ones that give us a loud signal or warning that it’s time for yourself to take a break.  

Signs to look out for 

Physical and Emotional Exhaustion.  It always leads to physical and emotional exhaustion; sometimes you feel like you are exhausted upon waking up in the morning. Along with this, you always dread and think ahead of what’s in store for you the whole day. In the early stages, you may not notice that you are frequently overthinking but eventually, this could lead to you having trouble falling asleep. This could also lead to insomnia as your body is becoming accustomed to not sleeping.

A feeling of anxiety as you move closer to burnout interferes with your ability to work. This is also associated with sad emotions which in turn could lead to depression. Combining this 2 are major recipes for anger, which appears in the latter stages.

Pessimism and Detachment. Trust issue with your family or co-workers or resistance to socializing could also present as symptoms of feeling burnout. Sometimes you may feel angry if someone talks to you because you prefer to be alone. You may be isolating yourself both emotionally and physically. A sign could be that you often avoid communicating with others by coming in for work early and sometimes leaving very late.

The Emotional State of Ineffectiveness and Lack of Accomplishment. You become less productive, and even if you try hard to do things as efficient and effective, you have the feeling that you can no longer climb or finish what you have set for yourself. This brings you to feelings of ineffectiveness that might make you irritable. At worst moments, this can create tension and destroy relationships with others.

These symptoms should be a wake-up call for all of us. I decided to do some research on how to prevent or eliminate this as possible.

Managing your stress.

It may not be easy, but there are many ways to manage your stress.

Exercise. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins. Your endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain, and this will trigger a positive feeling in your body. Exercise through the form of yoga and deep breathing will help you relax your mind, body and soul.

Take a Vacation. Take a real vacation, leave all your distractions. Did you know that when you work without rest, you become less productive compared to people who frequently avail their holidays? This happens because they come back to work well rested, energized and ready to tackle any task at hand.  

Manage Your Working Environment. Creating a positive environment whether through a personal relationship with your co-workers or making your workplace conducive for work is very important. It is essential to know what is causing stress in your workplace as this might lead to a bigger problem if not resolve immediately.

Positive Environment. Open communication, defining roles and responsibilities and establishing a clear expectation. These are just one of the factors wherein a positive environment can be achieved. This can also eliminate decreased productivity and employee turnover.

Have the Right Furniture. Some of us might think that this is to make the office look good for clients but comfortability and its health benefits are significant factors to make all of us feel better at work. Did you know that it also increases morale, productivity and creates a happier environment?

A good looking piece of furniture can help in lessening burnouts. It’s like an art that people appreciate while looking at it. One that I can suggest is the Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk with Walnut Veneer table top from AnthroDesk. The benefit of this desk is that you can stand and sit throughout your day at work. One study found that merely standing can lower feelings of stress and fatigue while improving your mood and energy levels.

Do Things That Make You Happy. Make the most of your free time. There could be certain things that are preventing you from doing so. It could be personal or work related. But since we are trying to avoid a feeling of burnout, getting enough sleep, spending time alone far from the real world always works. Refrain from communicating with the things that stress you out, therefore, it is advisable to put your phone away so you won’t be tempted to bring problems that stress you out to your free time.

We need to be open-minded and liberal in taking steps to prevent burnout. Appreciate the things that you see, be it from the beautiful view from the window or to the smallest details that you always look in your home or office.