Increase Productivity with this 5 types of Cable Wire Management System

These past few years there has been amazing progress made to workstation and office ergonomics. After decades of decreasing quality in our work environments, we may actually be turning the corner and starting to show some improvement. In a society that has been more sedentary than any other generation before it, we are finally trying to bring about change. A plethora of research is now available showing the alarming effects our sedentary lifestyles have had to our health. Studies suggested that sitting all day has an adverse effects to our productivity also. Sitting for at least 4 - 5 hours (even in the comfort of your own home) has been shown to cause lower back problems, slower metabolism, increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, and other alarming health concerns. Experts recommended the use of Sit Stand Desks, or Standing Desk Converters. These desks will help you move from sitting to standing with east, comfort, and flexibility.

After acquiring your standing desk you will be tempted to ask, what else do I need? You can get standing desk accessories such as anti-fatigue mats, LED desk lamps, keyboard trays, CPU Holders, and more. But perhaps the simplest thing to get? A cable clip organizer. Are you tired of all those messy cables on your standing desk or in your office space? Check the following forms of cable management and decide what’s best for you.


The cable clip wires come in stylish design that easily sticks onto clean surfaces/ It is self adhesive, ready to use, and makes your sit-stand desk with its accessories, free from tangles and unruly cable wires. This will put your cables in an orderly manner. Look for cable clips that uses adhesive sticks and adheres to almost any exterior. It can be attached to glass, plastic, wood, and metal. It must be easier to use like only a few seconds to peel and stick your cable clip for immediate use, no tools needed. This type of cable management clip holds cables, wires, cords, even pens! The use of 3M adhesive means these won't fall off like other brands.These cable clips will secure your desk cables and make solve it easily accessible and organized for easy use - as needed.


This cable spring is a unique type since it is attached from your standing desk down to your floor. It is quick and easy to install. It is capable of carrying large cables and this can serve as one of your office designs. The spring should expand to working length - and can accommodate your sit stand height adjustable standing desk or any set ups for your standing desk converter. Some cables can be fed through the spine during its compressed state. You can install it easily using a single screw and fixing the peg located at the top of the spine under your standing desk. There are cable string whose base is a weighted “horseshoe” style with cable exit cut out. The cable spirals weighs at around 1 kg and height expansion is from 15 cm up to 130cm. It is recommended for desk heights up to 150 cms.


It is an adjustable cable organizer with an elegant shape and rounded front. It can adapt well to all workplace designs and types of standing desks and converters. It is ideal for office or home use. It is usually attached to the side of the desk. For easy assembly it can be centered using a fastener. You don’t need special tools to set up this cable tray in different height levels. Using a cable tray will give you easy access to your cables and connectors. The desk lengths can vary and it keep cables organised under your desk. The cable tray will also provide storage for your electrical wires and you can also regroup all of your cables and outlets closely to your desk at your convenience.


The cable basket is made of wires and can be mounted in your walls, suspended from your ceiling, or even below your standing desk. It is easy to install and the cables are well ventilated because of its open structure. The air can easily flow which keeps the cables cool and prevents it from malfunctions due to heat related concerns. The cable basket is commonly made of steel and in different finishes, some can be powder coated or zinc plated.


This cable management kit is designed not just to organize your wires and keep your desk tidy, but to change and adapt to your evolving workstation. It has a versatile, reusable components which makes it easy to reconfigure your cables again and again. It is robust and can take multiple cables in your workspace including your standing desk converter or your sit-stand height adjustable desk. Some are selling a cable management kit including a strip of power outlet with built-in wavelet protection. Te under desk clip will free your standing desk from unnecessary wires, organize your cable, and giving your office a “clean look.”


The use of standing desk is not only the latest office sensation but also the newest healthy option. Standing desk will not only improve your health dramatically, it will also make you the coolest employee in town - as standing desk can make you focused, creative and production. With the use of standing desk comes the need for accessories and cable management tools to get a clean view of your workstation. Whether you are thinking of buying your dual cable clips or not, remember that one hint of organizational skills is taking care of minute details such as cable management in making sure it won’t interfere with your work.