Deluxe Swivel Mount CPU Holder

  • Convenient swivel ability
  • Keep your office organized
  • Save floor space and prevent dust damage
  • Works with almost any CPU tower
  • Keep your standing desk organized and clean, and protect your computer with this deluxe CPU holder.
  • Swivel functionality provide easy access to your CPU tower and your cables and connections (but still keeps them out of site)
  • KEEP IT ORGANIZED No need to have wires going from floor to your standing desk with this CPU holder. And no need to keep the CPU on top of the desk top.
  • Mount it under your standing desk and keep your office clean, organized, and save space.
  • KEEP IT SAFE Ever wonder why your computer case gathers so much dust? Fan-driven air movement is needed to keep your computer processor cool and prevent overheating, but combined with the electrostatic charges generated from electrical activity, it makes your case a dust magnet.
  • Dust is the NUMBER ONE preventable cause of computer failure. Protect your computer.
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