Laptop Stand with Adjustable Folding Ergonomic Design Stand for Ultrabook, Netbook, or Tablet

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Customer Reviews

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Harper Sullivan
No regrets!

Though initially hesitant due to the higher price point, I realized it was the ideal combination of a foam pad on top of a stable wobble board. The craftsmanship is excellent, featuring solid wood and a thick anti-fatigue foam. I appreciate buying from a Canadian company that prioritizes ergonomics, and their customer support was exceptional throughout the purchasing process.

Carter Morgan
Great alternative!

My family has been using these stands as substitutes for a full standing desk, and they have worked wonderfully. We place one on the table for standing use and another as a small desk while sitting on the futon couch. Although they are lightweight, they tend to shift slightly at their tallest height if typing forcefully. However, overall, they have served as excellent laptop/keyboard stands.

They are the best typing stands/trays I've purchased, offering everything I needed and more. It's always satisfying when a product exceeds expectations.

Olivia Leblanc
Be productive!

I highly recommend the AnthroDesk Laptop Stand with its adjustable folding ergonomic design. It's a great accessory for anyone who spends long hours working on their laptop, and the adjustable height and angle of the stand make it easy to find a comfortable viewing position. It's also very lightweight and easy to fold for storage or transport. Overall, a great investment to improve your work experience. 5/5.

Bobby Torres
Perfect for working on the computer in bed!

It helps because of aches and pains we find ourselves relaxing in our room. Highly recommend it. This is a very comfortable desk. It's stable, ergonomic, Light and simple to use.

Carter McDonald
Sturdiness and Stability

This is a great little product that is fully adjustable and has neat features in design I love that I can now sit on the ground and work! I can also use this on my bed and even to convert my office desk into a standing work space. It is a teeny tiny bit wobbly, but it does the job!