Why Standing Up At Work Makes You More Productive

Standing is now becoming one of the most natural hobbies and forms of exercise. This is because of the rise of the sit-stand desk in the industry. It sounded like the desk of the future at first because of the hype it made in the market. Everyone looked forward at the arrival of the sit-stand desk as it provides a lot of health benefits and increases productivity at work.

One of the main advantages of standing is the promotion of bone density which is an indicator of ideal bone strength. With the rise of the standing desk, standing becomes more and more a way of life. In fact, when the standing desk was introduced it was quite a novelty because of its feature and health benefits. Workers from offices and homes are embracing it. They are all into the idea of getting away from the sedentary lifestyle.

While it has become famous across adults, the standing desk becomes famous as well with the children. In some schools, this is also being used already because of the health benefits it can provide and the productivity it can bring. It can also improve the mood of those using the standing desk.

We've known for a while that sitting for long stretches of every day has a higher risk of having heart disease and diabetes. It is widely agreed that most of us should sit less, especially at work. So how do we address this sedentary lifestyle? Here are some of the few examples.

Not an Immediate Transition

Switching to stand does not happen overnight. The transition from sitting to standing sometimes occurs over a week. The key is you should initially concentrate on a slow start to utilize your new standing desk or the habit of standing while working. By doing so, you will quickly find yourself that standing increases more and more. You will eventually find yourself feeling a new surge of brain activity sweeping over your workday and your productivity levels will be higher than before.

One of the key attributes of standing is that it increases brain power as well as blood circulation. Mentally it gives one a pleasant sensation of revitalization and in turn, makes you aware of your daily duties. By merely standing, it will improve your motivation morale, general mood and outlook.

Standing at Work Gives Your Brain an Edge

Standing requires more effort, not just because it is more physically demanding but also because standing causes the brain to manage more variables; balancing your body weight, controlling muscle contraction and all of these little things which contribute to cognitive stress. This is not overwhelming stress, but a manageable one that, with a mild dose, can increase cognitive performance.

Standing in intervals boost metabolic metrics like calorie burn and blood flow. It is not significantly as a replacement for exercise but it enough to make a calorie burn. By standing, it has shown significant improvements in the executive function and working memory capabilities. Some say that it has provided advantages similar to those exercise programs that boost brain activity by enhancing blood flow.

Standing Can Double Your Productivity

In the digital age where we are today, we spend more time sitting than ever before. The average human being spends around 6 hours sitting which has a negative impact on our productivity levels.

While you may replace your current desk with a sit-stand desk, it may not be easy at first, because our body is used to sitting for long period of times. However, standing while working has a lot of advantages, that is why people are more productive than when they are sitting. Here are some of the advantages that we need to be familiar with.

Challenge Yourself to Be More Productive. Success is not possible without struggles. In a comfortable environment wherein we always sit and do our job, productivity is most of the time not achieved. Simply because we are used to being seated and we tend to do whatever job is required from us.  Standing for some time makes your brain think, as your whole body is more active because of the physical effort of standing.

This aspect is quite simple; however when you take a look at it, and somehow it gives you an idea that the key to productivity is to challenge yourself and leave the comfort zone. Standing does all that, but it has a lot of excellent benefits. We need to learn how we can look on every perspective.

Standing While Working Is Healthier Than Sitting. No matter what we desire and mental preparation that we do for getting things done, health is always the primary goal that we aspire to achieve. Again, sitting for prolonged periods of time has its health dangers, but very few people are aware of this. Some of the health dangers of sitting can be eliminated by standing.

Being not physically fit is a great enemy for productivity, and the more that you become unfit, the less you will feel like working. Others also associate heart diseases to those who sit for more than 3 hours a day watching TV since they become more susceptible in developing these diseases. People with a sitting job have also been observed to have twice the cardiovascular disease as people with a standing desk.

How to Be More Productive at Work While Standing

We have already identified a lot of factors as to how critically important standing while working is. Now it is essential for us to realize how we can do such things like standing at work to maximize our productivity. Here are some few tips on how we can maximize standing while working.

Have a Resting Interval. Make sure you don't exhaust yourself by working for prolonged periods. A 10-20 minutes break can go a long way to enhance your productivity. Make sure that you segment your work into various periods and take a break by an hour or so.

Alternate Sitting and Standing. Standing for a long time also has negative effects as it increases your chance of having back pain. Make sure you alternate sitting and standing once in a while. If you need to get a lot of work done for a particular day and you will be working for a specific day, make sure that you rest your brain for a few minutes. If possible set a timer so that you can be reminded when it’s time to stand and when it's time to sit. This is an excellent way to train your brain and body with the constant movement.

Brainstorm and Stand Up. In a meeting, especially if you are the one conducting it, it is best that you stand in during brainstorming. Use a whiteboard or flip char instead of pen and paper. Trying to move a little bit is better than no movement at all. Organizing a walking meeting is also a good idea and setting it outside the office will make everyone thrilled. It will set the mood and productivity in sharing good ideas.

Take the Call, Walk and Talk. When you take a phone call especially from the mobile phone, it is best that we go up and take a stroll. Some might think that this is not a good idea as this will distract people in the office, so try to go to locations where people aren’t working nearby.  It will be a healthier alternative rather than staying seated the whole time you are at work.