Things You Need to Know About LED Desk Lamps

We all want to work in a comfortable workplace. This is because we can become more productive when everything is set up properly in our working area. Choosing the right desk lamp is often overlooked. Everybody thinks that the desk lamp is just for aesthetic use and it is not important at all. The desk lamp can make a lot of difference when it comes to reading and working on your laptop. 

Getting to Know More About LED Lamp?

Did you know that a LED desk lamp offers many advantages? Let's get to know what an LED is.

The LED (Light Emitting Diodes) is one of the newest technology in the lighting industry. It has relatively gained popularity in the market because of its advantages - high-quality illumination, long life, and endurance.

A lot of people have been impressed with how an LED desk lamp perform — minimal energy without affecting the lighting concept and performance. The life of a standard LED can often be around 50,000 hours, which gives us an indication that they will remain popular for a long time. A LED desk lamp also produces a light whitish colour which is better than a traditional desk lamp.

LED desk lamp also has many kinds of styles, and you will be surprised that prices are low compared to the conventional ones. Some are very functional and true to their promise. Most of the reviews about desk lamps will not disappoint you. One of the studies says that it has lower heat immersion; the traditional lamp often complains about heat immersion. At work, some people tend to lose their concentration because the amount of heat is being disbursed.

Here are the advantages of having a LED Desk Lamp.

Energy Efficient. One of the reasons why LED lamps use less electricity is that they don't produce light in the same way. Light pass electricity that must get extremely hot. Most of the incandescent bulbs waste 90% of the power, they consume heat because of this. This makes them inefficient light producers. LED lamps also aim light in a specific direction, unlike conventional bulbs that emit light and heat in all directions. This directional lighting capability reduces the waste of light and energy.

Extended Life. They don't dim over time and fail. LED lamps reduce the labour cost of replacing bulbs in commercial situations, it achieves a lower maintenance lighting system. A lamp can last between 30,000 hours and 50,000 hours. This is 2- 4 times longer than most of the fluorescent, metal halide lights. It lasts 40 times more than the average incandescent bulb.

Moreover, they have no problematic filaments, no wear or tear, nothing is changed or altered, and they keep on working for extraordinary long lengths of time. They are robust, rugged, a solid-state device with no glass to break. They may last for a long time and the brightness will be operating around 70% when they have reached the full term of their expected life. Also, frequent use through switching on and off has no impact on the service life.

Durable. Strength and durability are the most common characteristics of LED lights. They are built for a more stringent condition but has no harmful effect on the environment. They are on a solid state device and don't shatter if they are dropped. They are often resistant to vibration, shock or impact of robust objects. Their durability makes them ideal for different weather conditions like storms, winds and heavy rains.

Sometimes they become one of the right choices if ever there is a traffic related issue or in a construction site. It also functions well in high and low-temperature conditions. In low-temperature condition, LED power increases as the temperature drops. This is the reason why LED is a perfect fit for freezers and other cold storage. LED's advantage is that it does not contain any string/wire or glass elements, which are sensitive to blows and bumps.

Versatile. LED has a wide range variety of levels of brightness, shapes or colours. It comes with a 100% brightness instantly and has no strike delay. LED lamps nowadays are partnered with intelligent sensors and controls, can build smarter, and more sustainable solutions. It also generates a small amount of heat due to their high performance. Thus, making LED light more favourable to the goods equipment that is extremely sensitive to temperature.

Affordable. More LED lamps today are cheaper than conventional ones. This is also due to the increase in their popularity. You can also save money on electricity and conserve energy. According to studies, LED lights could decrease carbon dioxide emissions from electricity. LED lights in a home can be beneficial especially when you are saving money.

At AnthroDesk there is a LED Desk Lamp with a USB charging port that not only focus on your lighting needs but it also works as a decorative light. This LED desk lamp has a modern design with touch sensitive base controls. The other feature of this desk lamp is that it has a USB charging port that can charge your phone, tablet or any other USB device. Natural and flicker free LED light protects eyes and lowers stress. Energy efficient 10W LED bulb comparable to a 60W incandescent. It has a flexible multi-directional base allows you the perfect position.

Grab yours now to make your room adequately lighted. It will make your room appear stylish and trendy while still making it a suitable place for working.