The Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

 Nowadays, standing desks are now widely used because of its benefits and prevention of a sedentary lifestyle. However, standing for a long time is not that easy, especially for a new user to the standing desk that could be experiencing fatigue and pain in the feet, legs and lower back. That is why a standing desk should be partnered with an anti-fatigue mat.

What Are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti-fatigue mats are mats made of various materials including rubber, a carpet material, wood and vinyl. These are commonly used together with a standing desk to help reduce fatigue caused by long periods of standing on a hard surface.

These mats are designed to help people stay healthy in their workplace. Their main advantage is to help people who are required with a lot of standing in their work to reduce fatigue. One of the common reasons as to why this is designed is to reduce accidents and protect people who are frequently in a standing position.

The Benefit Of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing for an extended period of time can be stressful and may result in fatigue. One of the purposes of using an anti-fatigue mat is to eliminate foot and lower limb disorders for people who stand in one position for a long time. Sore feet, discomfort and tiredness are the combined effect of what workers who stand a lot can experience. Having an anti-fatigue mats helps in absorbing the shock due to walking. The cushioning effect reduces foot fatigue. 

One of the significant advantages of having an anti-fatigue is that it stimulates normal blood flow and it decreases fatigue. Studies also show that there was an increase in productivity in a workplace for employees that are using these mats. This is because all the downtime and sickness brought by fatigue and joint stress/pain were eliminated. There are also easy to clean and maintain. They also help to make a more comfortable environment for everyone. 

How Anti-Fatigue Helps You in Standing

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to relieve you of pain produced by standing on the hard surface. Standing in the same position for an extended time will immobilize your leg muscles, restricting blood flow and eventually it would cause you pain. As your body loses energy, the heart works harder to pump. One of the best advantages of anti-fatigue mats is that they widen the muscles to stimulate the blood flow and decreasing the fatigue.

AnthroDesk offers a variety of anti-fatigue mats that are high quality, high-density polyurethane constructed and have an extreme cushioning with ergo-foam core for maximum comfort. It significantly reduces fatigue and makes the transition to a standing desk easier while working on a wood, laminate or tile floor.  You'll see a lot of potential for your anti-fatigue mat as you will see improvement in your health as this will help you in standing for an extended period. These mats are an excellent choice for your office, factory and even home use.