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  1. Best Standing Desks for Office Design Improvement

    Best Standing Desks for Office Design Improvement

    Are you planning to improve the design of your workspace? Do you want to have it more modern or minimalistic? Or, do you plan to make it more stylish yet ergonomic? It's always exciting to do a makeover of a particular area where you can apply your creativity and skills. However, there are also some interesting factors to consider, especially if you plan to buy new equipment and supplies. For instance, nowadays, the working trends are continuously emerging; thus, you need to make sure you're always updated with them. One of the common inclusions in today's workplaces is ergonomic products such as standing desks. We've compiled the best standing desks in this article that you can consider for your office design improvement.

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  2. 10 Home Office Ergonomic Tips to Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

    home office ergonomics

    Today’s pandemic has brought most of us to shift from company-based to home-based work environments. Working from home has been shown to provide various benefits when it comes to improving work performance and establishing a successful professional career, as well. However, no matter how working at home seems comfortable, there are still some issues that require proper attention. You can still sit for long hours or perform tasks without being aware that you’re in poor posture. All these can head to a sedentary lifestyle. It’s vital to know that this kind of lifestyle can have detrimental effects on our overall health. But thanks to innovations and work trends nowadays, we can be safer, healthier, and more productive at work. There are home office ergonomic tips that can aid in avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

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