1. How A Good Work Atmosphere Creates Success

    How A Good Work Atmosphere Creates Success
    A happy environment attracts supportive people and helps the people who work for you to do the best for the company. It is ideal for a company to maintain a good working atmosphere. A healthy atmosphere can improve productivity and the overall well-being of the people working at the company. There is not one correct way to create a pleasant atmosphere as every job varies as well as the employees and employers working there, but here are some general ideas on how to keep workers happy and motivated in their job.
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  2. Common Distractions At Work

    Common Distractions At Work
    Technology helps us boost our productivity in some ways; however, it is also technology that could be blamed for preventing employees to be more productive at their jobs. Smartphones, the internet, or social media are just a few of the productivity killers. However, technology can't take all the blame from preventing employees from getting their work done. Here are the key elements to ensure employee productivity at work.
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  3. Why Standing Up At Work Makes You More Productive

    Why Standing Up At Work Makes You More Productive

    Standing is now becoming one of the most natural hobbies and forms of exercise. This is because of the rise of the sit-stand desk in the industry. It sounded like the desk of the future at first because of the hype it made in the market. Everyone looked forward at the arrival of the sit-stand desk as it provides a lot of health benefits and increases productivity at work. 

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  4. How To Achieve Office Minimalism

    How To Achieve Office Minimalism

    If there's one thing that comes to our mind to work correctly is to have a clutter free office. After we are able to declutter our office space, the next thing that we need to do is ensure that we minimize the material and equipment that we have in our office. It is essential that we consider which equipment or tools are necessary to be kept in the office to be able to get the work done. This is where we need to determine which items we should focus on minimizing.

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  5. Why Standing in a Meeting Is Good

    Why Standing in a Meeting Is Good

    Sitting for an extended period is one of the most detrimental habits of our modern western culture. Standing during meetings is one of the ways on how to fight the sedentary lifestyle. The meeting practice is currently known to be effective in discussing individual task for the day and how the daily task contributes to the efficiency of the productivity of the company. In any part of the world, a stand-up meeting is an excellent way to start your day, and it has several benefits.

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  6. Five Easy Desk Exercises

    Five Easy Desk Exercises

    Most of us are used to sitting the whole time as this is required in our day to day activities at work. We know for a fact that with the fast-paced environment, greater ambition and pressure to perform in all aspects, we tend to forget the importance of exercise. Many workers have an 8-hour-job and some might not be able to notice that this is beginning to take up all the energy you have for the entire day. There are simple steps to keep us moving and regain our energy while we are at our office. Here is the simple desk exercise that will undoubtedly improve our strength and mood.

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  7. How to Stay Motivated When Working from Home

    How to Stay Motivated When Working from Home
    Working from home is now becoming a trend. There is a lot of debate that concerns a remote worker. Some of the young professionals say that it is a privilege as companies can let them work without their supervision. Others see it as not a serious professional job because of the flexibility they have or the freedom they get on doing what they feel like doing. While there are reports that the remote worker is more effective than office-based workers, not all people are successful and can thrive in the environment. Here are some pointers that will help one to stay motivated when working from home.
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  8. How Positivity Affects Your Productivity

    How Positivity Affects Your Productivity
    A positive attitude combined with positive thinking at work will reflect on what you do and that what makes you a more productive employee. Your attitude is a form of expression of yourself. Psychological well-being helps you cope better in stressful situations at work. If you display the right attitude, it will be easier for you to communicate and get along with others.
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  9. Things You Need to Know About LED Desk Lamps

    Things You Need to Know About LED Desk Lamps
    Choosing the right desk lamp is often overlooked. Everybody thinks that the desk lamp is just for aesthetic use and it is not important at all. The desk lamp can make a lot of difference when it comes to reading and working on your laptop. Did you know that a LED desk lamp offers many advantages? First, let's get to know what a LED is.
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  10. Taking Breaks is Key to Productivity

    Taking Breaks is Key to Productivity
    If you are the type of person who doesn't take breaks and thinks that it can lessen your productivity, you may want to change your mindset as a lot of studies show that taking breaks even for 10 minutes can get you back on track and provide you renewed energy. Some of us think that it is just a waste of time, but if you check on the impact and benefits, you will be surprised at how this can benefit an employee.
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