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  1. Benefits of Treadmill Walking

    Benefits of Treadmill Walking

    One amazing trend at the workplace, nowadays, is to improve the health of the employees by burning extra calories. Aside from using standing desks and standing desk converters to avoid the bad effects of a sedentary work lifestyle, other equipment is introduced to employees. Today, treadmills are not only found in homes and gyms. They are now also becoming a part of many companies to help their people to keep moving while working. Treadmill walking is an effective way to exercise at work and continue living an active lifestyle.


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  2. The Problem with Onsite Gyms

    The Problem with Onsite Gyms
    Onsite gyms sound like a great idea. Unfortunately, corporate culture needs to advance for them to be used. Standing desks are a good compromise.
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  3. Posture Pro: Breathing Benefits of a Standing Desk

    Posture Pro: Breathing Benefits of a Standing Desk
    People often focus on the primary benefits of a standing desk: longer life, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. One of the often overlooked benefits is how the standing desk posture improves our breathing.
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