Finding your ideal desk and seat height while working

Desk and chair always come together, but sometimes they don't compliment. Finding the right desk and chair helps you improve your posture, prevent back pain and solve your neck and arm problems. How do you know if the desk and chair are right for you? If you find yourself hunching over or stretching out your neck forward to see the laptop or computer clearly, then that specific desk is not for you.


How to determine the right sitting position

Matching the right chair and table is essential if you are working long hours at your workplace. Make sure that the chair should be adjusted with the same level of your kneecap. While sitting at the table, your knees should be at 90 degrees angle with your feet flat on the floor.


The ideal desk height for sitting and standing

There is no perfect measurement when finding the right desk height because people vary in sizes from one another. The desk's and chair's height must be matched so that in a seating position, your arms rest at a comfortable 90 degrees on the desk. Other things need to be considered. The key is if you are seating or in standing position on your desk, your arms should rest in line with your torso. You should feel that your hands rest comfortably on the desk. If your elbows are more than in a 90-degree angle, the desk should be raised, or the chair should be lowered. On the other hand, if elbows are in less than 90-degree angle, the desk should be lowered, or the chair should be raised.


More and more people are now promoting ergonomics in the office when it comes to furniture and equipment. Going ergonomic must be considered to create a convenient and efficient office space. It supports good posture and promotes the well being of employees. 

There are various benefits if your workspace is ergo-friendly.


(1)    It boosts productivity. If employees are in good shape, they are most likely to produce quality work. It also leads to fewer distractions from a work-related illness.

(2)    Reduces pain. Some ergonomic furniture are best for employees who are concerned about their posture. They help realign their spine and prevent several work-related injuries that can hinder good job performances.

(3)    Improves wellness. Employee wellness affects the physical and mental ability of a person. If they feel that they are being taken care of, it results in happiness and satisfaction in the workplace.


Sit and Stand Desks

Sit and stand desks are very popular nowadays that it is becoming a trend. It gives more comfort at work as compared to the traditional offices. It will provide you with the perks of standing and sitting throughout your workday.


AnthroDesk offers a wide variety of sit-stand desks. They come with the different desk frames and tabletops that you can choose from.


Manual crank desk. The height of a manual crank desk is manually adjusted by the hand-operated crank. It uses a simple cog and wheel system that turns a drive rod that raises and lowers the unit. The telescopic mechanism adjusts its width. You can also select your tabletop option; the laminate tops are durable, water-resistant, and 1" thick. These desks are reversible, and you can choose the side you want to use. There are various options that you can choose from, or you can use your own tabletop.


Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk. The dual-motor design means they operate smoother and don't need to a motor built into the desk legs. The handset control can be programmed to 4 different heights. The numbered preset button gives you the authority to customize its height. You have an option to order the frame only or use your own table top. Laminate tops are durable, water-resistant and 1" thick. They are reversible, so you can choose the side you want to use.


Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk. It has similar benefits with Dual Motor Electric Stand Desk; the only difference is that a single motor has a powerful and quiet electric motor that lifts the desk to any height you want. Handset control and tabletop options are just the same for a single motor.


L-Desk Standing Desk with Programmable Adjustable Height Controls. The height is adjusted by three powerful motors built into the desk legs. These three motors operate efficiently and don't need to work as hard to lift your desktop. This also includes handset controls of 2 memory presets and a "Home" button, which allows the desk to raise or lower depending on your customized heights. The tabletop recommendation for L-Desk is two abutting 30'x60 tabletops to form the 'L' top (or use a 30" x60" and a 30" x72" should you prefer an even larger surface.

Tabletop options for the desk frame:

Reversible Black/Mahagony Laminate (48x30 or 60x30)

Reversible White Maple Laminate (48x30 or 60x30)

Solid Wood Oak (60x30)

Solid Wood Walnut (60x30)


The Verdict

You might be thinking that ergonomic desks are just ordinary furniture in the workplace! But come to think of it; they are not only desks, but they also come in different functionalities, and best of all they promote, both health and wellness. Some might not notice it, but combining sitting and standing at the same time while working helps you become more productive. Sitting for a while, lets your brain functions to slow down. Why? Simply because you are in a relaxed state of mind, which is like telling your body to go to sleep and work less.


When you stand, your muscles can pump blood to your brain. This increases your energy levels and improves your concentration which in turn improve your mood, too. People who often stand in an office can freely move and deal with each other. They tend to collaborate with their colleagues and energize the entire workplace.