How to Create a Productive Home Office

"Plans are nothing; planning is everything." – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Did you found yourself taking the path of being a Freelancer? Or maybe you were just good at convincing your boss to let you work in your PJ's? Either way - congrats!!! Working from home is now an option that most people embrace successfully (and enthusiastically). The shift from office work to remotely working at the convenience of your home - saving yourself from traffic and the environment from pollution - is gaining popularity these days.

The real challenge is how to stay productive when you find yourself sitting all day (a dangerous practice), watching TV, browsing the internet, irregular (unhealthy) eating habits, frequent desire to take a nap (yeah at least thrice a day- what!?)

Let’s start with organization tips to make your home office conducive to a creative environment.

Clean and Prepare Your Home - Now

You need to clean your house first before you start preparing your home office. You do not want to end up working at the same time cleaning because you see the unnecessary thing around your working area.

This will also be the best time to check the area where you plan to make your home office. Make sure it is separate from your bed, dining area, living room, and of course your kitchen area. This working space is for your office - alone. Do not make it your movie room, mini gym, or your lounge area. Your goal is to set up a working zone that invites focus and concentration to finish your task - on time.

Set up A Standing Desk

The best productivity tip to stay alerted and focused while working is the use of a standing desk. The goal is to implement a sit-stand workstation and enjoy the benefits such as losing weight (while you work!), increased productivity, and improved posture in standing. If you love your heart, you better stand. It does not mean standing all day but creating a balance between sitting and standing to work. Adjust the height of your standing desk based on your need and enjoy working without compromising your health.

An ergonomic chair is also a big help as it can provide comfort while sitting in proper posture. You have the option to use your standing desk while working or a laptop stand while standing to work. Always avoid sitting for too long as it can lead to Type 2 diabetes, increase the probability of cardiovascular disease, and literally cause pain in your neck (and shoulders, and back). Always look for balance while working.

Install Apps and Tools

If you are working from home and have a remote team to handle, use tools that can help monitor their progress. There is Skype, Google Hangouts, TeamViewer, and WhatsApp. You can also use Google Docs for shared documents. A PDF reader will come in handy if you need to read and send files to clients and consumers. And when you need to delegate your task, you can use Hubstaff and Time Doctor to monitor time others spend when doing your projects. Paypal is also a good choice in sending payments for any outsourced work. Take advantage of technology and use it wisely.

Working from home or having your home office has become a choice for many now (some would say it is a right!). Regardless, you may prefer to work from home for a few days, and then report in to the office for the remaining days. Depending on your office, and your work, it is can be good to stay in touch. And there will always be some industries and some businesses where working from home is more applicable than others. If you can do it, appreciate it, and make the best of it!