Convince Your Boss

Convincing your boss is never easy. But you can always pitch it beautifully, wrapping it in a pretty, yet subtle red bow and hand delivered. We know that proper planning and execution is key. Maybe you could say it’s just like that "green initiative" only this time, you’d be saving your backs, promoting better health and improving overall productivity. Isn’t that good? Here’s a few ideas that might help you convince your boss now!

One For All, and All For One

Gather your troops! Remember that there is strength in numbers. Ask a friend or two and get them to introduce to more colleagues (let the good standing word spread).  Once you have enough ears, write a petition that espouses the merits of a standing desk. Your boss (and their bosses) can't say 'no' if the majority of the staff want to a standing desk that will bring significant health and productivity benefits. If they’re not hooked with the idea of improving overall office performance while promoting better health for all by simply investing on one of these desks I don’t know what will sway them. Sitting all day at work is a thing of the past. Health is without a doubt, your wealth (and worker's health is your boss' wealth, in fact). And in case you need more specifics, keep reading. The juice is worth the squeeze. Guaranteed. The long term benefits of using sit-stand tables and anti fatigue mats simply outweigh the cost. 

Better Than A Gym

Does your workplace have a gym?  Or maybe they are thinking about getting one?  In today's world of extreme liability and skyrocketing real estate prices, an office gym is VERY EXPENSIVE. Factoring in these costs, your workplace would better much better off getting sit stand desks instead of the dusty office gym that nobody (or only a very small minority) uses. 

Decreased Sick Leave

Did you know that sick leave literally costs the Canadian economy $16.6B (that's BILLION) a year. That's shown in a report from the Conference Board of Canada.  And did you know that not only does sitting all day ruin your back and posture, it also leads to silent killers such as diabetes and stroke. Sit stand desks get people moving and standing more, and reduce liklihood and efffect of these debilitiating medical conditions. In short, when workers are standing more, they are taking less sick leave (which makes bosses and workers happy). It's a WIN-WIN. 

More Collaboration

Picture a colorful work environment where collaboration and activities is much more easier and fun! It’s like the same office only with gym shoes!  Okay, so you don't HAVE to wear gym shoes, but you will fee more active with a standing desk. And they do lend themselves to a more natural and collaborative environment. It encourages ad hoc meetings to get issues resolved, and random discussions and encounters that generate ideas. Ideas that can make the company prosper. 

The Bottom Line

In this modern day of fast pace demands of the corporate world. The regular Joe will have little to no time to rest, nor go to the gym. By spending 8 hours at work daily simply by sitting and standing already takes care of 2 hours gym time maybe even more! Statistics alone has shown that about 5 million people die annually just because of inactivity! And as advocates of good health and daily living at work, we absolutely insist you give a standing desk a try (and convince your boss to get them in the office!)