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Monthly Archives: July 2020

  1. The Secrets Revealed! How Famous Business People Achieve A Work-Life Balance

    The Secrets Revealed! How Famous Business People Achieve A Work-Life Balance

    We all want to achieve a work-life balance. For some people, this can be a bit challenging, especially if they are juggling between multiple work tasks and home chores. In some cases, time management skills may not be enough. To get the best tips on achieving a successful work-life balance, it would be best to hear from the people who have already experienced it. Some famous successful people- entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and writers- can explain well what to avoid and what to follow.

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  2. Best Standing Desks for Office Design Improvement

    Best Standing Desks for Office Design Improvement

    Are you planning to improve the design of your workspace? Do you want to have it more modern or minimalistic? Or, do you plan to make it more stylish yet ergonomic? It's always exciting to do a makeover of a particular area where you can apply your creativity and skills. However, there are also some interesting factors to consider, especially if you plan to buy new equipment and supplies. For instance, nowadays, the working trends are continuously emerging; thus, you need to make sure you're always updated with them. One of the common inclusions in today's workplaces is ergonomic products such as standing desks. We've compiled the best standing desks in this article that you can consider for your office design improvement.

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  3. Debunking Common Health Myths About Our Posture

    Debunking Common Health Myths About Our Posture

    What makes a good posture a fantastic factor in someone’s personality? It can make a person look more credible, confident, and authoritative. However, as we aim to improve our posture in our daily living, there are still some health myths that can be detrimental to the goal of achieving better health. These myths should be debunked, so our efforts to achieve a good posture will not be hindered. This article will help you understand several health myths about posture. It will also shed light on how we can be healthy and productive at work with the right tools to promote a good posture.

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  4. Top 8 Productivity Tips in the New Normal

    Top 8 Productivity Tips in the New Normal

    It’s been months, and we’re still battling with an unseen foe. This COVID-19 has made us realize that everything can be changed in a short time. During this pandemic, the struggle is real. What we need to accept now is that we should face where we are now and how we can cope in the new normal. There can be many adjustments and various sacrifices to be made, but what matters is that we all stand up and believe that we all can go through this. Despite the many hassles and difficulties this new normal can bring, we can still be productive and successful in personal or professional careers.

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  5. 10 Home Office Ergonomic Tips to Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

    home office ergonomics

    Today’s pandemic has brought most of us to shift from company-based to home-based work environments. Working from home has been shown to provide various benefits when it comes to improving work performance and establishing a successful professional career, as well. However, no matter how working at home seems comfortable, there are still some issues that require proper attention. You can still sit for long hours or perform tasks without being aware that you’re in poor posture. All these can head to a sedentary lifestyle. It’s vital to know that this kind of lifestyle can have detrimental effects on our overall health. But thanks to innovations and work trends nowadays, we can be safer, healthier, and more productive at work. There are home office ergonomic tips that can aid in avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

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  6. How Can an Active Lifestyle Contribute to a Successful Career

    How Can an Active Lifestyle Contribute to a Successful Career

    If you think the only problem in the workplace most workers are experiencing is the tight deadlines or difficult tasks to complete, you may be wrong. Nowadays, it's more about health-related issues. Some workplaces are not ergonomically set up, making workers feel uncomfortable and experience burnout. One of the most common problems they are facing is having a sedentary lifestyle. If you're still working in a traditional office setup, you can imagine the usual scenarios – sitting for long hours each day, eating lunch in front of the computer, consuming unhealthy snacks, and employees experiencing headaches due to computer strain and artificial lighting in the workplace. To become sedentary means being prone to health problems such as having back pain, neck pain, and musculoskeletal disorders. Fatigue has also been a common complaint from workers. Little that they know, all these can be solved by having an active lifestyle. Of course, the utilization of the proper tools in an ergonomic workstation should also be considered. An active lifestyle is proven to help create a successful professional career.

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  7. 8 AnthroDesk Ergonomic Products to Increase Productivity

    8 AnthroDesk Ergonomic Products to Increase Productivity

    To stay productive at work, you definitely need tools and equipment to help you accomplish tasks efficiently. Although there are various tools available now, it is still confusing to find the best one that can help you to be productive and efficient in the workplace. AnthroDesk provides a wide range of ergonomic equipment and accessories for office and remote workers. They are not only helping with productivity but also aid in promoting improved overall health.

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  8. The Benefits of Standing Desks for Today's Entrepreneurs

    The Benefits of Standing Desks for Today's Entrepreneurs

    Being an entrepreneur requires not only skills, effort, and resources. If you're one of those aspiring to establish a successful career in business, you need to be aware of how to stay active and healthy. This is very important because, in any business endeavour, you should be well-adept on how to make your body and mind function properly. It is also advisable to have an ideal workstation to have a comfortable place for planning, brainstorming, and effective implementation of your business strategies. In line with that, ergonomic equipment such as standing desks must be considered part of the workplace. The benefits of standing desks nowadays are no longer hidden. As a matter of fact, they are proven to help people in different fields of life, including entrepreneurs.

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  9. Tips on How to Avoid CardioMetabolic Risk While Working At Home

    Tips on How to Avoid CardioMetabolic Risk While Working At Home

    Workers experience several issues as they take the road to achieve success. These problems may include a lack of planning, unproductive task delegation, posture-related issues, and other problems regarding health. We have heard and read a lot of news and articles talking about the dangers of working for long hours, especially if you’re seated the whole day. This is the main cause of a sedentary lifestyle. The common health issues we know are back pain, neck pain, indigestion, fatigue, and strain injuries. However, there is another health condition, known as ‘cardiometabolic risk’ that should be given proper attention to avoid its possible adverse effects.

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