10 Tips on How to Build a Positive Working Environment this 2021

It’s 2021- another year, another way of facing work and life. This year, despite all the negativity and challenges brought by the pandemic and natural disasters, we should still aim for happiness and positivity. When it comes to your job, it is a must to create a positive work environment this 2021.

You might be asking how.

First, it is imperative to recognize the fact that the happier and more optimistic the employees are, the more successful the company would become. When workers are happy, they tend to become more innovative, creative, passionate, and dedicated to work. A simple gesture of appreciation creates a massive change. The kind of working environment an employee has can either break their motivation or make them say, “I love my love!”


Create a More Positive Environment this 2021 with these 10 Effective Tips

Both employers and employees should cooperate with each other to achieve a happier work environment. There should be good communication and proper management to promote productivity and increase motivation.


#1 Promote activities that will promote teamwork

Let’s admit it. A work environment where fun is absent can be an unhappy place to perform tasks. Although you might think that it is needed to stay focused at work, there are still instances that people still need to experience exciting activities to prevent boredom in the workplace. If you’re working in a company, you should have regular team-building events where all the team members can laugh together, enjoy together, and strategize together to solve problems. In case your team is working virtually, there can still be some activities that will help promote fun and teamwork. All you need is to unleash your creative insights on how you are going to do the activities.


#2 Greet your team

Mondays can be both exciting and difficult to start the week’s working hours. This is why it is essential that workers and employers can give each other a dose of motivation to start the day. A simple greeting can abolish any negative vibe in the workplace. Remote workers can send their greetings using a Facebook group, Skype group, Slack group, or any project management tools they are using.

On the other hand, if you’re working together in an office, a simple “Hello” can go a long way. Greet “Good morning” or say “How are you?” to your workmates. All these can promote a sense of belongingness and a feeling that they are valued.


#3 Set up an ergonomic and comfortable workstation

Every workplace should be an area that will empower workers to perform their best. This should promote both physical and psychological comfort. As much as possible, you should choose to set up an ergonomic workstation. This will ensure that you’ll have a safe and comfortable work environment.

Using ergonomic tools and equipment should be on top of your priorities. For instance, use a standing desk instead of a traditional office table. This will help you get rid of the possible detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

In case you still want to keep your current office desk, you can use a desk converter instead. It is a time-saver, so you’ll be able to maximize your working space.

Other ergonomic accessories that you should consider using are an ergonomic chair, ergonomic vertical mouse, monitor mounts, and ergonomic keyboard.


#4 Feel good about your work

It is important to know first the company’s goals and mission to work properly for the right purposes. Nobody wants to work in chaos and confusion.

It is the management’s responsibility to ensure that employees fully understand their specific tasks. They should be able to also enjoy the tasks and feel good about their work results.

There should be a system from hiring to training, as well as on the actual job implementation. They should feel better so that they can stay committed to working for the company’s success.


#5 Give praise and recognition

A work that is not appreciated can result in a lowered productivity rate. This is also a primary reason why employees become less motivated to do better at work.

Employers should give praise and recognition for every accomplishment done, whether it is big or small. Be consistent and fair in giving praises every time a good job is done. Employers can send out a short email of congratulations or appreciation to the employee. They can also provide a certificate to those who deserve the credits.


#6 Make Work/Life Balance on top of your priorities

The concept of creating a work-life balance is real and achievable. This can help promote better physical, social, and emotional health of all team members. It is essential to recognize the value of life outside work. There should be a good program when it comes to vacation days, travel perks, and wellness offers.

A good work-life balance can instill happiness and positivity in every employee to be more motivated to perform their assignments.


#7 Promote a good communication

Remember that good communication between employers and employees is an integral factor in developing a good working relationship. A collaborative foundation of every company begins with a positive working environment. Thus, there should be an ample amount of communication from all the members of the organization.

Learn to listen to everyone’s ideas during meetings and brainstorming. Practice active listening. This will make the employees feel they are valued and appreciated, too.


#8 Utilize user-friendly tools for communication and task delegation

The world today provides countless breakthroughs and technological innovations. Make sure to learn them as well. For instance, if you are new to working virtually, you should learn how to use communication tools such as Zoom and other software. There are also project management tools to promote seamless task delegation. With the help of these tools, confusion and errors can be reduced.


#9 Use productivity tools

Distractions are often the things that are hampering someone to be productive. Another thing is the lack of time management skills. If you’re having difficulty increasing productivity, then you should consider using productivity tools. You can install some apps that will help you become more focused and productive at work. You can also use a time tracker to monitor your work.


#10 Learn a new skill every 2-3 months

It’s a good idea to learn something new and apply it to your work.

For instance, if you’re working as a customer service representative, you can enroll in a free or premium course in basic programming or web design. There are also free tutorial videos online that you can watch to learn something new. As long as you are determined to learn, there is no excuse for you to get ahead.


Final Thoughts

A positive and happy workplace is where people can also deliver accountability and productivity. However, achieving that is a joint effort of both employees and employers. Make sure to apply the tips mentioned above and get ready to become a better part of your team this 2021!