10 Hour Working Environment: Tips on How to Survive

More companies are now moving to the 10 hours workday as opposed to the traditional five days working week. It has become a trend, and some of the employees are enjoying the benefits because of flexibility that it can do both for the company and employees.

Long hours at work have a positive and negative impact. But sometimes it's up to the person working if they find it difficult or more convenient for them. With this kind of set up, it is essential to maximize each day as you probably don't want to end up doing some overtime on a Friday. If your reason for the long hours is to have extra income, you need to find ways on how you can balance your whole day.

A four-day work is quite annoying for some, in fact, there are recent studies that say longer work result in depression and employees are more prone to burn out. But with proper planning, time management and fair expectation this can be prevented and achievable in every organization. Consider these tips, and you won't get burn out whenever you are at work.

Wake Up Early. Having long working hours means that you don't have enough time for other personal tasks when you get home. While some believe that it is essential to complete all the job before going to sleep, sometimes it results to being late for work because you overslept due to being tired of working all day and sleep late the night before.

With proper planning, an unfinished personal task the night before can be done in the morning, and you also have the benefit of getting up early. Once an unfinished work (the night before) has been done, you can think of something that you enjoy doing if there is extra time. Personal things should only be done and make use at this time. Don't use this time for work related. When the time comes when you get to work, you'll feel accomplished as you have done something productive. This compensates the time that you lost from being at a 10 hour work day. This can bring a different feeling in your attitude and can help you get through to you 10 hour work day.

Schedule Your Evening Routine. While we have limited time due to extended working hours, we feel like we have limited time after work. Since our bodies are tired from a long day at work, our minds are also telling us to sleep early. While we are promoting waking up early, it is essential for the body to relax after a long day at work. Give yourself a break by trying to unwind before sleeping. Doing something for yourself is a reward and will help you feel better. It's like setting a mindset that you can still do more despite the long day at work.

Take Breaks Wisely. Working for a long time can be exhausting. You need to plan ahead your breaks as you need to energize and be ready for work all the time. Breaks should be used wisely, and this is not for solely eating. It should be to reduced mental and emotional stress. With that in mind, try to do things that relax and calm your mind. Taking short walks and listening to calming music helps soothe your soul. This will also help your mind to rest.

Complete Your Task for the Day. Create a checklist of the things that need to be accomplished every day. Since you only have 4-day work, you need to maximize your time and be a smart worker. Leaving a task unfinished can prolong your work day for the week. Accomplish an easy task first and do the difficult ones last. When your workday is filled with more task that you were able to do, it can help make time feel like it's a bit faster. You'll also feel a sense of accomplishment and productivity.

Take a Stretch. If you are an employee, who sits in the desk for the entire day at work. It is crucial for you to get up once in a while. A 10 hour work day is not easy, and it is not good for you to sit all this time. Sitting for a long time negatively impacts work. Try to get up every now and then, and this can help you in your productivity. By doing so, you will have a different feeling getting back to work.

Standing for a short period can also help as this has been proven effective and prevent back-pain caused by prolonged sitting. A sit-stand desk offers a lot of benefits, and it can be used for writing or reading while standing. The adjustable standing desk is for those who want to have a standing desk but prefer to keep their current desk as this one can rest on top of it. 

Investing in this furniture not only gives you health benefit but also gives value for your money. Since we need to stretch once in a while to keep us going for the entire day, we need a piece of furniture that can wake our senses. A wobble chair is a fun, active chair ideal for you to pair with your sit-stand desk and your standing desk converter. It stimulates your muscles and stimulates metabolic increases. Without even knowing it, you will be burning calories and strengthening your core. It has a wide range of adjustment and can accommodate a variety of people. Allows you to have a half-standing pose when you take your break from standing but do not wish to complete sit down.

While we have enumerated all the things that we need to consider and do during our 10-hour shift, there are drawbacks that we need to ensure that we must eliminate or should we say not feel during our long shift.

Fatigue. Is the most common even during 8 hours working day. It is the result of physical and mental tiredness brought by the long day at work. It can be physically and mentally draining especially when dealing with projects and customers.

You Have Limited Work Day Activities. Working a long day at work can make you feel depressed because you were not able to enjoy or do the necessary things that you want to do for the day. For people working four days a week, they have limited time for the evening activities. You may end up thinking that it is difficult to do much after work when you get up early in the morning. So that is one of the reasons for having a schedule in which you can plan your evening activities so you feel more relaxed during the day ahead.